Wound Rotor (Or Slip Ring) Induction Motors-Advantages, Disadvantages And Applications


Slip ring is best suitable for applications like driving as it requires high starting torque value. The most common applications can be seen in industrial drives that works under high power and torque like:

  • Curving Machines
  • Generators
  • Pumps
  • Line shafts/contour
  • Elevators
  • Refineries


Following are significant advantages of the wound rotor:

  • High capacity of overloading
  • Use of lesser current as compared to squirrel cage motor
  • Maintain a constant speed while running
  • High torque value at the start


Every coin has two coins: Where wound rotor has significant advantages, it also shares some disadvantages on the same platform:

  • At light loads, the power factor used is also limited
  • As compared to squirrel cage motor, wound motor reflects lesser efficiency and power factor
  • Sensitivity is reflected in voltage supply towards fluctuations
  • The cost associated with maintenance as well initialization is very high
  • While operating the motor under the presence of external resistance in the rotor circuit, the results of regulation of the speed is poorly noticeable


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