Squirrel-Cage Motors-Advantages, Disadvantages and Applications


  • Maintenance and initial cost of installation of squirrel cage motors is reasonable
  • These motors have sustained popularity and significance because of high overload capacity and power factor
  • The procedure of construction of the motor is simpler and rugged
  • If you are worried about the explosion factor, squirrel cage motors are examine as explosion proof
  • The presence of base end brings results into better cooling whenever necessary
  • These motors support extra pull out torque
  • With the facility of power output realized at greater maximum, these motors are excellent choices
  • The arrangement of squirrel cage motor is simpler as compared to other motors
  • These motors maintains the constant speed


Because of the low resistance, these motors sustain poor starting torque

When you switch on these motors, the same instant it draws a comparatively large current from the line

When you plan to change the supply voltage, it results into sensitive procedure

If you want to maintain speed regulation on these motors, it is not possible

Under the presence of light load, the power factor is also resultantly low


Squirrel cage motors are applicable and best suited for industrial drives hat work on small power which represents that speed control is not required in such industrial needs. Few of the applications of the same are:

Flour mills

Machineries like printing and copying

Shaft drives that require small power


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