Classification of A.C. Motors

The classification of A.C motors is mainly showcased in 5 sections. They are:

Grouping as per speed

  • Variable speed
  • Adjustable speed
  • Constant speed

Grouping as per asynchronous motors

  1. Commutator motors:
  2. Compensated
  • Inductively
  • Conductivity
  1. Series
  • Universal
  • Single phase
  1. Induction motors
  2. External resistance or Slip ring
  3. Squirrel cage
  • Single
  • Double

Grouping as per current type

  • 3 phase
  • Single phase

Grouping as per principle of operation

(Existing together)or Synchronousmotors

  • Super
  • Plain

Grouping as perstructural features

  • Splash proof
  • Riveted frame eye
  • Fan cooled and totally enclosed
  • Water proof
  • Explosion proof
  • Semi-enclosed
  • Enclosed
  • Open
  • Pipe-ventilated
  • Ventilated

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