This is another important method of finding out transportation-related problems. With help of this method, optimal solution can be found for these problems.

The Modi Method also known as modified distribution method is a mode in which there is an improvement in computation of indices for those unused squares that without diagrammatically explaining those closed paths. It is this usage of minimal information and making sure that figures are negated that makes this one of the most important methods that are to be followed for getting correct results.

In this case, the unused route is to be taken into consideration with a huge improvement in regards to negative index. The moment the largest index is taken in a specific manner, it is only the one path that is left that has to be covered. It is this final path that helps in ascertaining the maximum number of units that can be sent off with the help of that unused route.

Steps to be followed in MODI mode:

In this scheme, there are 3 steps that have to be followed, which include:

  • Vogel approximation mode
  • North west corner method
  • Matrix minimum method.

By following these methods, ideally a correct solution to transportation problems can be found.


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