Given that transportation problems have a number of facets associated with it, a very important point of it is Assignment Problem. Given that its primary aim is to reduce both times associated with the job as well as the costs, hence in this case number of sources is taken as equal to number of destinations.

Thus, it can be said that in this case only a single person is assigned a single job and a singular job is assigned to one person at a time. This feature is quite the same when machines are taken into consideration, and hence for each of the jobs, total processing cost is taken in regards to the machinery to which it has been assigned. Thus, it is important that to determine the minimal cost; it is important to check which machinery should be assigned to which person or for which category of job.

In case it is taken that the number of available jobs is equal to the number of machineries that is available, it is specifically known as standard or balanced assignment problem. In case of any discrepancy, it is termed as unbalanced assignment problem.

In most cases the problems that are solved are considered to be of the balanced assignment problem type.


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