As one of the most important and crucial areas of Operations Research, Routing Problemsis associated with determination of an optimal set of cycles that are present in a graph or a given network. Having its origin in multiple areas as transportation problems, waste collection, operation management, and planning, this is one zone that needs consistent monitoring.

Given that in every economy, transportation has a huge role to play, problems and costs associated with it are an important point to consider for both the company as well as economy on the whole. So, it is important that a situation is created that allows optimality of the situation.

Primary concept associated with routing issues:

The most important problem that is present in this domain is Traveling Salesman Problem. In case of a company that is associated with providing mobility to people or goods, it is important to note efficiency of that organization in providing these services. Hence, areas as optimal scheduling and routing problems are taken into consideration.

The major criteria that are to be checked here is that, how these optimal problems are solvedwith the help of specific genetic algorithms that have been developed to solve these issues. The primary aim that is to be reached in this case is to either minimize costs associated with traveling of that concerned salesman or minimize travel space and get the best out of the salesman.

For students who are new to this domain, it is very important that they know and understand these sums and important points to get a clear view of this subject.


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