Introduction to Statistics

Statistics is an important part of study that deals with analysis, collection, representation and interpretation of data, which is placed by measuring some characteristics. So, statistics is also known as a part of Scientific method. This part is a very important part of study and the demand of Statistics is increasing day by day.

Statistical data is important for creating the report and to analyze. In addition this affects various causes. It means getting a single record for a particular data is not important unless or until the complete number of records fulfills certain criteria.

Suppose, keeping record for a single train accident is not a perfect statistical record, but a student need to gather the records of all train accidents in the past year or any particular year. One important thing is statistical data indicates about quantity. It means quantitative data is important, but as the different questions and quality gets importance, so qualitative data gets transferred through the methods to make it quantitative.

Have you any idea about singular type or plural type of statistics form? Yes, when students used it as “Statistics has various disciplines”, then it is known as singular form, but when a sentence is constructed as “statistical data or use of statistics for the production of wheat in India for past ten years”, then it is known as plural form. So, it is clear for all students that statistics has more than one form.

There are different fields where statistical data are used and these are related to the practical lives or events and thus, this branch is important. The tools of statistics are used to calculate data for geology, physics, agriculture, medicines, psychology, biology, economics, engineering, behavioral science and different other subjects.

What are the various steps of statistics?

The steps for statistics are as follows –

  • Collection

The prime step is a collection of data and this is very important to take care about how to collect and formulate. The exact procedure is related to this as investigations take place only with the help of different data and these need proper physical techniques.

  • Tabulation

This is the next step and very important for a student to give a right motto of the solution. This should be known by all students that they collect data will not get any perfect motto unless they give it a right shape through tabulation.

So, what do you mean by tabulation? This means you can easily get a proper direction with the help of graph, diagram, bar charts or pie charts. Now, after going through this tabulation, you can easily grab an exact solution of a problem.

  • Statistical Inference

In this step the requisite procedure is applied on the tabulated data and then the final result can easily be taken out.

Now, it is clear that how statistics give a nice opportunity to clear the various issues. Statistics is completely helpful in finding out the solution related to the military mission. Operations Research is one of the part and various other phases also get its perfect solution with the help of statistics only.


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