Statistics means the collection of quantitative data. In addition, the Central Tendency or location means the proper distribution of central value of the data. This is a typical value and it is known as a measure of a proper location or central tendency. The reason behind this is to point out an exact position of data. This position is pointed out in the axis of the variable.

What are the different types of measuring tools for the central tendency?

The central tendency can be measured in different ways, however measures of the central tendency in common ways are as follows –

  • Mean
  • Median
  • Mode

The further classification of common measures show that mean is divided in three different types as AM or Arithmetic mean, G.M. or Geometric mean and H.M. or harmonic mean.

All the above types of measures follow some particular motto and the complete solution depends on it. These measuring ways are also known as the basic factors of statistics which must be known by every student of statistics. In addition, these factors follow some proper formula, which is very important for students to find out the exact mean, median and mode. So, it is clear that central tendency or location is an important part of Statistics.


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