Speaking on a general note, operations research is specifically that branch of mathematics that deals with decision making that has to be done via analytical decisions. As a sub-field of mathematics, it has a huge role to play in regards to how and when decisions are made, and what effects it has on the consequent decisions.

As an important part of it, queuing decisions can be said to be a specific model that is constructed as part of this operations research aspect that makes waiting line and queue type all the more predictable.

As one of the most prevalent services of the world, this is a system that specifically originates in a moment when the current demand for any particular service exceeds the capacity of service that can be provided. Waiting in a specific queuing line is used to determine certain important aspects as waiting time that is kept and amount of service that is extended to it. It is based on these details that in case of any business organization, the amount of resources that are present needs to be decided.

The importance of queuing theory in present times:

It is the concern of every business to ensure that maximum profit is garnered by using minimal resources. It can also be placedin a situation where a business makes use of minimal resources to ensure that maximum profit can be obtained.

To determine that exact amount of resources that are to spend it is imperative that a calculation be done and that is exactly what is done by the queuing theory model. With the help of the analysis of details as found by model of the queuing theory, a final decision can be taken regarding how the allocation of resources is to be done, what factors are to be considered while making this decision and how well they would help the concerned business in its production process.

Based on the concept of waiting to get a service for a certain time period, there arise a number of situations as: passengers waiting for a bus, customers waiting to be served, letters waiting to be printed and posted, money that is awaiting deposit, and a number of such scenarios. In such cases, it is this queuing theory that is to be taken into consideration, and based on the assumptions made in regards to that; certain changes are to be brought into this domain. These changes would primarily be targeted at improving the quality of service that hasbeen extended to the concerned areas and better certain disciplines.

Knowing the mode in which queuing theory works:

To ensure a clear understanding of this concept, it is important that a sequence be followed. Once that sequence is understood, naturally this whole process can get a better base for carrying the procedure out. Hence, specifically for students, understanding of this process is extremely important.

The process starts up with: The Calling population which is the main source against which this whole framework is set. This is followed by the actual Queue that is formed when the demand for a specific service increases its service rate. This is again followed by service facility that is extended to the concerned clients. Finally, this whole system ends with the customers who have been served and have left the queue.

The various areas where this theory is put to use happens to be computing, telecommunication, traffic engineering and final computing system. Thus, this is surely one of the most prevalent modes in present times to make certain analytical decisions. So, for students or people new to this domain, it is important to understand the concepts and act in that manner.


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