Otto Cycle

A gas powered cycle introduced by a German Engineer named Dr. Nikolaus August Otto, this Otto cycle has wide usage in the automobile sector. This is an ideal thermodynamic cycle that is used for describing the function of a specific piston engine which has spark ignition. These types are known as modern petrol engine in present times.

There are 4 processes associated with this:

  • Two isentropic (reversible adiabatic)
  • Two isochoric (constant volume)

Being a four stroke engine, it consists of:

  • Intake stroke
  • Power stroke
  • Combustion stroke
  • Exhaust stroke

This Otto Cycle is a perfect way to understand effects of mass on gas, when certain changes as addition and subtraction of heat, pressure, temperature and volume are concerned. There has to be a certain amount of net wok that has to be produced to propel an automobile functioning.


Otto Cycle 1” = C


Otto Cycle” = C


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