As one of the most important factors of Mechanical Engineering, having knowledge of Diesel Cycle is of prime importance. This is specifically a combustion process that is associated with reciprocation towards the combustion engine that is placed at the interior level. In this process, the fuel that is present is ignited via generation of heat during air compression within the combustion chamber. In case of Otto Cycle, process involved is ignition of fuel air mixture with a specific spark plug.

Given that these cycles are assumed to have consistent pressure on them at the initial level of combustion process, this pressure is more pronounced and adiabatic in nature. The places it is used in are automobile, power generation, aircraft, diesel locomotive.

Diesel Cycle 1” = C


Diesel Cycle” = C

Diesel Cycle 1

Diesel Cycle 2

Diesel Cycle 3

Diesel Cycle 4

Diesel Cycle 5

Diesel Cycle 6

Diesel Cycle 7

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