Whenever any person is dealing with a business or any such organization, the primary concern that is taken into consideration is garnering maximum profit, by incurring minimal loss. To give this whole presentation a scientific touch, this can be placed against a mathematical model that clearly depicts that area which could be used as a base for taking certain decisions.

Speaking on a general note, Linear Programming is termed as the best mode to achieve the ideal situation where a company can garner maximum profit for itself at the lowest cost. When this whole scenario is represented in a mathematical manner, it is termed as linear programming feature.

Aspects of linear programming:

There are multiple aspects that need to be taken into consideration when linear programming is to be considered.

  • It is quite general that in case of any problem that has been identified, the initial process is to put it into a mathematical data. If such a point is made, then the whole process becomes acceptable. Since a number of variables are being used in this case, it is taken as decision
  • In other areas such as engineering and designing as well, certain variables are being used which are known as design vectors. However, in this case, factors as decision variables and constraints are to be taken into consideration.

While placing this programming, when that solution is reached that satisfies all the conditions it is taken as feasible solution.

If a particular graph satisfies basic conditions and then a solution is reached, it can be said as a basic feasible condition.

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