In case of transportation problems, there are certain algorithms that are to be followed. A correct following of this algorithm helps in getting a feasible solution.

A BFS in case of transportation problem is considered degenerate only when one or more basic variables is taken to be at the zero value. This whole procedure of degeneracy specifically takes place in2 sections, one at the initial stage, and the other at the corresponding iterations of the usual UV mode.

This degeneration can also happen when demand and supply at any intermediate method correspond specifically to that selected cell that has been allocated. In the MODI method, it is only taken when corners in a single loop are negated.

Since demand has to be adjusted to zero, in this degeneracy process it may so happen that as per certain arbitration, rows and columns can be removed. Also, in contrary when UV method is taken into consideration, one corner can have zero as its base while another corner can be taken as anon-basic cell.

Once these details are matched, degeneracy can be understood in a better manner.


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