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The place where you will find the HRM managers today is changing continuously. These people have to interact with this kind of world and deal with new problems and issues which take place in a continuous fashion. The different managers are intelligent and have lots of options in their hands regarding dealing with particular situations, however the decisions that they have to take are often tough and difficult in nature and that causes the problems. These issues will be made known to the readers here on a general basis. Different themes will commence at junctures which will be dealt with in different stages of the book itself. There are lots of prime debates which the HR professionals come across every day. Different commentators speak on the latest trends in the market and how they are evolving overtime. The analysis provided by different individuals will be different in nature. The occurrence of developments influence the people accordingly and provide them ideas regarding whether the change happening and the way the people are getting handled, is proper or not. In this place, you will get the chance to debate in three different manners and learn to distinguish among them too.

In the first type, you will learn about the concept behind the latest responses being got. You need to know the manner in which the different companies are dealing with problems that arise when it comes to management of the people in the company. You need to know whether the companies are developing ways that differ considerably from those which have already been established in the market or is an evolution taking place in a slow but steady manner by endless practice.

In the second line of debate, it is being argued what the work of the HR managers should actually be. It will be argues whether the latest changes in policy making is quite necessary or not. It is required to be known, whether developments which are environmental in nature are receiving appropriate responses or not. If not, then what kind of reform in the approach needs to be done? The debate is hence endless in nature, so you need to understand that the answers to these different questions are either all same, broadly speaking, for the different companies that provide with employment or they are vastly different and would vary from one industry or firm to another.

In the debate of the third kind, the orientation of it is near to the development of a long term based future. Many people are under the impression that changes are being observed in the environment of business in the present times which are very much of the basic type and hence quite significant in nature. These changes are in the lines of occurrence of an industrial revolution, which had taken place 200 years back. The people will vehemently try to persuade you towards this point of view. These people have to say that the world of the working class will be very different in the coming time. It will be a complete change from the one you currently reside in. the different companies which are able to foresee this kind of future, and adapt accordingly will surely make the most profit. It is quite debatable whether the predictions are correct or not. The analysis which may have been the basis for this hypothesis may have been incorrect in the first place itself.

You will find it possible various questions on various topics of the HR that are being practiced or require to be developed in the future. This causes more debates of course. Some practices, exclusively look after the needs of the organization and look for a competitive edge. The things that the HR function can perform, that would increase the growth of the organization, as well as its efficiency is required to be decided upon. There are many practitioners who have a very broad outlook and hence discuss the effects of practices of the individual employees on the workforce as a whole as well as the entire society. The different debates that you get indulged in must always have an ethical nature to it.

Key environmental developments

The business situation of the current time is understood by people quite well and is hence quite free of all controversies. Different people however have to differ when it comes to their understanding of the rate of change and to the degree to which various organizations would be influenced. When you take a look at the market of products, the trend always tends to be near the place where the competition is most. Hence many people believe that the companies are now stepping into an era of extreme competitiveness. This is actually been caused by two big developments. The significance of these developments has increased over the years.

Never in the history of human beings, has the economy been globalized in the manner that it is being now. The increased number of the markets for the different goods is becoming international in nature. Hence the overall competition that the companies will face is also international in nature. All the big companies which had the ability to dominate the national market are now completely owned by private firms and they are facing great competition from similar firms, located all over the world. In the earlier times, these companies were also owned by the governments. These practices, has caused the formation of corporations which are truly multinational in nature. Different kinds of alliances have also been made through companies all over the world. These companies too, have a particular policy to follow when it comes to management of the personnel.

One of the biggest predecessors of the extreme competition is technology. The progress of technology has been taking place at a very swift pace. Each year, this pace also increases bit by bit. Different kinds of developments have been taking place in the sectors of IT, biotechnology as well as chemical engineering. The technologies being developed are very much revolutionary in nature. It is hence the requirement of the different industries, to stay ahead of competition. Becoming a pioneer in the use of a particular new technology will ensure that the company will be able to get to the apex position and also be able to maintain it over time. The different companies will hence grow in size and become really prosperous.

The growth of the Information technology industry as well as the concept of digital business is very much significant in nature. This is because such a proposition actually increases the number of competitors that a company faces in unit time. The different customers will engage in the game of outright comparison between the different companies and choose the one that suits their need the best. Hence better stuff is required to be offered in terms of price and quality.

You have to understand what all the above mentioned things means to a HR manager and what he or she thinks of it. The practices that a company indulges in, has to be improved and developed in a continuous manner. Only in this manner will the position of the company from a competitive point of view will improve. Other than improving the quality of the product, you will also require to ensure that the company is bringing out new and exciting products into the market regularly. This is because the customers are always looking for something new. The costs of these new products however need to be set at a nominal rate. Businesses always mean that unstableness will be following you. Change is always a constant in businesses, quite ironically. Hence you along with the employees always need to brace for such changes. The organization of yours needs to be quite flexible in nature. Only by achieving flexibility, you will be able to get an upper hand in the market. The things that you do as a manager as well as the decisions that you make, is going to have direct outcomes in the future of you company. Different HR managers often are posted in foreign outlets of companies. Hence they require having the skill set to inspire and motivate a group of completely foreign workforce. The skills for inspiring and leading a group of people remain the same, although language is a minor barrier. A particular organization should be able to master technologies and use them to good effect.

The people in other development areas only require to developments of the products of a particular company, in the market. The job of the HR manager is however different. There are lots of trends that you will see in the market which are important to be noticed and should be a part of the decision making policy of the company. There are a couple of areas which stand out in terms of importance:

  • The trends that are observed in the labor market.
  • Regulations that take place during employing different legible candidates.

The different developments that are taking place in the market for labors, are extremely significant I nature. These developments are dependent on the number of participating people as well as the skills they possess. The attitude that they have towards work is also of prime importance. In the recent times, lots of developments can be seen to be occurring in the areas mentioned here. There are many industries, which have been facing acute shortage of skilled labor in the recent times. This kind of shortage actually varies from one country to another. It is actually dependent upon how prosperous the particular country is. You will notice that most of the companies in the US has witnessed that the market providing labor UK in the present times have undergone a little bit of tightening. The levels of unemployment in the areas have remained relatively at the bottom in the recent times. The trend in geography has caused a phenomenon where the very old people are retiring from their jobs at a rate faster than the younger people are joining the job. Hence there are many kinds of effects of these things. The different employers have to now pretend to be extremely friendly and approachable to the different employees in the present times. No longer do the employers have the guarantee that people would definitely come to get work from them and continue remaining employed in the particular company. The labor market existing in the present time is very much tight in nature. Hence the labors have lots of options for themselves regarding when and where they would be working. If they are not satisfied doing a particular job then they have the option of quitting the job and look for opportunities elsewhere. Hence the different organizations are competing with each other on a regular basis in market of labor as well as in market of selling products. The effect of the various policies can be seen in most of the HRM areas. The effect of the policies can be seen when rewards are being provided as well as when employees are getting recruited.

The conditions existing in the labor market, coupled with different other trends determine the attitude that people have towards doing their work. If you wish to get a certain workforce moving as well as motivate them sufficiently, then the different managers need to be aware of how fast different things change in these markets, they need to provide appropriate responses too. In the recent times, the people including the workers tend to be more comfort searching. Hence these people are less inclined in joining the different trade unions or even supporting their activities. The labors are now having an attitude that focuses on the benefit of individuals. People are now focused towards improving their own career rather than standing together for the benefit of all other fellow workers. Different statistics show that the workers now have the desire to get a really good balance between their life at the workplace and their life at home. Hence they are looking for employers who can fulfill these demands better.

The regulation of the employing of different individuals as well as the extent of complexity of the process is an area that the HR mangers need to have a grasp on. They need to have the knowledge to implement these things properly in their own organizations. Previous to the year 1970, there did not exist too many regulations regarding the employment condition in the UK. The terms and conditions that existed were scarcely mentioned in the document certifying the employment of an individual. The laws that existed during those times, did not provide with too much of respite to all the different employees. They only provided to the people with some basic protection in healthcare and such other departments. These people previously had the right to get a payment which was redundant in nature, to say the least. However both the employee and the employer had to honor the agreement existing between them, which had been drawn up during the beginning of the contract of employment. Since the year 1970, you will see that the whole law has been changed completely. The contract of the employment undoubtedly remains quite important in nature. It can even be brought up in courts too during times of disputes. The times when these contracts are mostly brought up are when health of individuals is endangered. There are also issues when the employees are not being paid the rightful amount or some discrimination is occurring to them based on some particular factor. People have also often been seen to be dismissed in a completely lawless manner. To prevent these things, the contract of employment is often put into use. New laws for the employees are being formulated in the present time which decides upon the duration of time for which the people would work. There are also certain rights which can be exercised by the members of the family as well as friends. No kind of discrimination can occur on the grounds of color, creed or race. Hence the lives of the employees can only improve in the coming years.

There exist lots of debates regarding the manner in which the HRM managers should perform and provide response to the different trends in properties that is occurring. You will find lots of discussions regarding this topic in this book. The international point of view can be found in the 30th chapter of the book, the next chapter focuses on the different ethical aspects of the business. The different trends which can be observed in the labor market, in the second part of chapter 32, the chapter initially deals with the balance that needs to be attained between life of the employees and their work. These topics will be dealt with thoroughly before the borders of the different particular debates; three in number will be touched. These debates have lots of importance in many topics which would be discussed later on.


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