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Different books of management that you come across will show that term organization is being used too many times. There are some classifications to these which vary according to the sociology, psychology as well as behavioral pattern observed. In the organization theory, you will see that in a very standard manner, it actually focuses upon the interaction taking place between the corporations as a whole as well as and the society surrounding it. The word business has been used many times in the chapter for now. However this term would not be used during all the different periods. The HR section of the company is hence dedicated to managing all the various businesses quite efficiently giving attention to the more resourceful people who have yet not got employment. This kind of criticism can of course be found to hover around the complacency that had set in NASA as a result of which, the ownership of the company as well as the responsibility to ensure that input of human capital takes place. The people of HR actually require being quite sharp and looking after the management problems of all people involved in the business. The very occurrence of organization can be regarded as both good well as well as bad for the company and is an anxiety.


The term organization can be used for describing a place especially the one in which people work daily. It can also be an entire business conglomerate or to describe the activities that are taking place at that particular place. Organization can be regarded as a process which tells in details how something is achieved. There are lots of works in HR which have become a part of the department itself.

You will see the different managers at human resources, providing with a document known as the employment contract. This is the most legal way of achieving a relationship between the company and the employees. A contract for performance is also provided when it came to proving a contract that was psychological in nature. In order to have a profitable business, the owner would require the worker to bring in a performance which is extremely great for the company. These performances can come from both employees as well as people of the company who are not permanent members of the workforce.  If you wish to make your business lean and healthy in nature, then you require bringing about a reduction in the commitment of costs over a long period of time. There should be much focus on the phenomenon of competitive advantage here. It will be a very wise decision for you to buy some business services which are standard in stature. The experience and pert skill levels of the specialists are also required by the company. The standard of performance that you will observe here can be monitored for further assessment too. The contract here can be terminated real easy rather than dealing with people sitting together in a room and judging you.

The performance contract is called so as two different parties, have a deep interest in the performances that you will see. The employer would of course require an excuse to view what the employees have performed. However the employees of the company also have a responsibility to perform in order to fulfill his or her needs. For example, a teacher in a school can never become satisfied by teaching if he or she is not provided with the required facilities for teaching such as rooms, libraries, labs etc. the people working, also need to be qualified in whatever they are doing.

Defining Human Resource Management

The very term, Human Resource Development, is not at all quite easy to define for the laymen to grasp at the first attempt. This term’s usage usually occurs in 2 manners. In the first type, this kind of management is simply used generally to describe different activities that you will find listed in books, just as this one. If the term HRM is being used in this fashion, then it is nothing more than a glorious form of management of different personnel. However in this kind of management, you will find the approach to be quite different from the usually management of personnel. Hence HRM is not properly justified by this kind of term. The philosophy of this type of management is quite different from what has been suggested just before this. Organization of people as a whole can be done here. This kid of management has been designed to serve the nuances of modern business houses rather than the traditional ones. In this chapter, it will be seen how the meanings of these two things are different from each other. In the lines that follow, you will see the two different explanations as HRM mark 1 and HRM mark 2.


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