The basic philosophy regarding HRM that was followed in this particular book has been changed by bits and parts since it first came out in the year 1979. Lots of changes have taken place in the market of labor over the years. The approach that the governments have taken towards the economy of the country, has ensured that the approach taken since the beginning is the right one and has its basis upon the ideas of people such as Enid Mumford as well as McCarthy and Ellis. The original idea was that:

Most of the realists of the era view personnel management as different activities combined to ensure that the workforce and the employers can reach an agreement with each other about the kind of employment they are having and what is its final aim. The agreement that takes place between the two, are also required to be fulfilled.

The definition put forward in the fifth edition of the book which came out in the year 2002, was as follows:

The HRM can be regarded as a collection of activities which would ensure that the working class of people as well as the organization at helm, which make use of the skills of the laborers, can come upon agreement regarding the objectives of the company and the kind of relationship that the employee shares with the employers. All the agreements between the two parties are honored in this manner.

Hence the basic philosophy still remains unchanged. The needs of particular contributors are required to be fulfilled. Only then will the business be able to get the commitment form the people to achieve the different objectives. This will in turn ensure a success for the company. Everyone will hence be satisfied by making use of their skills at various junctures. Mutual understanding as well as reciprocation of work is hence required from both the quarters.  Hence the HRM is very much exciting in nature and brings in a big production for the businesses. In places where you will find the employers taking interest on the employees only for increasing the production of the company, the personal management actually becomes boring there; budget is always pruned off there. The employees would not trust the company a little bit and would rather be working like machine without any zeal or passion. Hence no success will be achieved by the works of a fed up group of people. The HR department will also be ineffective here.

You will see in Fig 1.3 that the total content of this book has been presented for you in 6 different divisions. The format in all the parts is similar. You will find different tactical aspects of business as well as features which are quite operational in nature and some degree of focus on skills of the concerned people. The interactions being put forward here, is quite important to the different operations. In the process of HRM, you will find a center which is strategic in nature and has a lot of expertise. The different people here are dealt with on their faces.

A Philosophy of Human Resource Management 3

The managers in the HR department are similar to managers of the other departments too. These people are quite proactive and keep pushing to make things happen rather than waiting for them to take place. These people possess the correct approach to handle things and know the required things quite well. You need to keep reading to know more.


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