To ensure that power is transmitted in a correct format and that too in an economical manner, there is need for a 3-phase circuit format.

Classification of transmission lines:

  • Network format
  • Radial system
  • Ring system
  • Single line
  • Parallel lines

Describing these multiple formats:

  • Network system:

In this format there is a system of multiple ring structures which has a combination of parallel, single and radial lines.  This is the most complex of all formats that are used for transmission.

  • Radial system:

In this format, it is seen that radial lines are either placed in a double circuit while carrying tough loads or placed in a single circuit, if load that is to be carried is lightweight. Also to be noted is when power is to be supplied to neighboring areas, it is via these radial lines that power sub-stations or plants that this is done.

  • Ring system:

This is the most important aspect that is to be maintained while supplying power in large territorial areas. A closed ring is made by the presence of high voltage power lines that help in placing of taps in a specified manner and serving up a large area. Since, in this case, power is supplied to both ends of this circuit so if there is a damage at any part of the whole area, the chances are that there will be no disruption in power supply.

  • Single lines:

Touted as the simplest of all formats, in this case, there is a singular circuit, and the power plant supplies that whole load onto a single domain. Since load falls on a single area, in case of any issue that whole circuit will stop functioning and has to be repaired at the earliest. This is prevalent for usage in small areas and is becoming rare in terms of usage.

  • Parallel lines:

In this case, huge amount of power has to be run in parallel formats. In areas where this level of power is required, there should be a dual circuit format followed that are placed in either same support system or in another associated support format.

In most cases,2 parallel lines are placed in a simultaneous manner, and if placed in separate zones then this would lead to higher costs as well. However, in this format, work done will be better, but due to high costs, it is negated in most cases.


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