When transmitting of electrical power via cables comes into view, it is important to note that there are multiple ways to transfer that. By the help of underground or overhead conductors, this power supply can be transmitted. In case of underground transmission, this transmission rate is limited to 45 kV. There may be changes in certain cases.

Classes in which this support of transmission level is categorized:

  1. Towers
  2. Poles


Generally, for these purposes, it is the strongly built steel towers that matter and ensures to maintain the sturdy nature of this structure. There are certain features present in these towers.

They are: These towers are cheap in terms of cost and are light weight. Irrespective of weight, they have high mechanical strength and a long shelf life. They are easily found and have low costs.


These are mostly made of steel, cement wood, and concrete and have double circuit associations.

It is important to note these details.


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