The mode is one of the parts of central tendency in statistics that is important for a set of data when the observer needs the occurrence of the most frequently data. It means if in a set of data as {2, 3, 4, 4, 5, 8} is given, then Mode of this data will be 4.

It may happen that in a set of data there are more than a single mode. If there are two modes, then that set is known as bimodal and the data set consisting with more than two modes  known as multimodal.

Now, complications may occur for a student when the set is provided as the grouped frequency data. In that condition the formula used as–

Here, for a modal class

L = Lower limit

h= Width

f1= modal class frequency

f2= modal class Succeeding

f0 = Frequency value preceding

In case of frequency distribution in a symmetrical order in the modal class Mode= Mean = Median


The condition gets changed in case of moderately skewed distribution as

Mean – Mode = 3 (Mean – Median)

One more condition can be assumed in case

2f1 –f0 –f2 =0, in that case

Now, a student can easily understand the ways after going through the various problems of Mode for different data sets.


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