The Geometric mean is defined as the central tendency of numbers in which the mean is derived through the product of the numbers. Thus, it is not alike as Arithmetic mean value as in arithmetic mean the sum of the products is important.

For finding out the simple frequency geometric mean, data for x1, x2 up to xn  is defined as

Explanation of Geometric Mean 1

Sometimes the grouped frequency is considered in the form

Explanation of Geometric Mean 2

Class mark is taken as x1, x2 and N is considered as the summation of frequencies. Log x needs to find out in the first step for group frequency and then it needs to be multiplied with f or the frequency value. And the total of f log x can easily be divided by the total frequency value of N. The N can easily be explained as the total addition of frequency.

Explanation of Geometric Mean 3

Now, it is clear that how to find out geometric mean in statistical data.

Explanation of Geometric Mean 4

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