What is an arithmetic mean? The word arithmetic mean is very simple and as simple as finding out the average of the numbers provided. However, the arithmetic mean needs proper concentration on data. Let us consider different observations starting from x1, x2 up to xn and thus A.M. can be found out by using the formula

A.M. = 1/n∑xi where the summation takes the limit from x=1 to x=n.

Simple frequency distribution is very important for you and thus it is determined in a simple way. It means the addition of the total value of observations divided by the total numbers.

In case of grouped frequency distribution the frequency and class mark multiplies with each other and then and the total number of the frequencies.

Thus, addition of product xy and total of x, which is known as n, divides to get the exact mean value.

It means ∑xy/ n where n is the value of addition of x.

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