To test the standard of transformers and test their working capacity, there are certain factors that have to be taken into consideration. It is strictly based on the equivalent aspects and has 4 specific parameters to be accorded to:

  • The loss in core conductance
  • The level of susceptance in magnetizing elements
  • The level of equivalent resistance
  • The level of equivalent leakage resistance in primary circuits

If these 4 parameters are maintained, it is imperative that this transformer will work in the best manner.

The 2 tests that are taken for determination are:

  • Impedance/short-circuit test
  • No –load/open circuit test

With the help of these 2 tests, you can get a complete idea of the condition of the transformer, without loading it on a regular basis.

Impedance/Short-circuit tests:

Thisis specifically used for checking out the amount of loss in case of full-copper standards as well as the amount of equivalent resistance and reactance associated with themetering side.

It is to be noted that in this case, applied voltage level is minimal and the flux that is leading to the core is also minimal. So, total amount of reading that is available of wattmeter gives an idea regarding lossin terms of copper rates.

No-load/open circuit tests:

The primary aspects that have to used to find out: There is no loss in core or total load. Also, there is no load on current levels.

For conducting the tests, singular winding of transformer is to be used. Since it is a comparatively high voltage winding, therefore on one side, it is left open while on the other side it is connected to normal frequency and voltage point. The reading that is framed on wattmeter represents that total amount of no loss of core value aspect. With both hysteresis loss as well as eddy current is to be used for checking out total separation of core losses.

 It is important to have knowledge of these details.


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