5.1 By the definition of law, the employees enjoy a wider range of statutory and contractual rights than the workers.

5.2 Once the establishment of a contract has been done, its terms cannot be broken by either of the parties without consulting each other.

5.3 Patterns of work are different in different organizations. The traditional Monday to Friday, 9–5 pattern has become obsolete. New shift patterns are coming up.

5.4 There has been growth in atypical contracts’ which provide work either on a temporary or on a fixed-term basis.

5.5 Introduction of new technologies allow people to work from home, which brings new challenges for HR managers.

5.6 Rising is defined as the use of outside consultants to undertake HR activities.

5.7 There is a process of outsourcing going on between larger organizations and public-sector bodies. Those functions are outsourced which are not considered too essential for the functioning of the organization. This includes some

HR activities are included in this list.


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