Generally, it is the simplex method that has an important role to play in the domain of linear programming. However, there are other better ways to ensure that linear programming method provides better answer.

Keeping the increasing demands in mind, this revised simplex method can be taken into consideration. Speaking on a mathematical note, both revised simplex method and this usual simplex method are similar. However, their primary difference rests in the mode in which both these methods are implemented by the various people concerned.

In case of this general simplex method, a tableau is to be maintained which represents those constraints that have been adjusted to a set of basic variables, in this revised simplex method,  representation is made on the basis of matrix that has its base in the constraints.

Thus in most cases in present times, this revised method is followed.


In fair comparison to general simplex method, in regards to compilation of values, this revised method is systematic. Since, this revised simplex method has this concept of selected column calculation, so less memory space is required on the computer. Whereas, in case of usual simplex method, the memory space required is greater.

Hence, it is acceptable that this revised simplex method is taken in most of the cases.


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