HRM Mark 1: The Generic Term

In this type, the very role of HRM is explored by performing identification of the various primary objectives that are needed to be achieved. There are four main objectives which are compulsory to be achieved.

Staffing objectives

The different managers of the HRM department are firstly made aware of the fact that the business house needs to be packed with able employees and hence all the human based resources that the company requires would be achieved. In order to ensure that this happens, an organizational structure needs to be drawn up. The type of contract under which the various employees of the groups would be working, needs to be drawn up.  This has to be done before the process of recruitment and selection of people begins. These people would actually be filling up their roles quite effectively. The people with the right set of skills would provide their invaluable services whenever required. As there is an increase in population, there will always exist some competition in the market.  For the employers, always the workforce is recruited without having to shell out lots of money. For this kind of strong workforce, the salary needs to be provided in form of packages which would look really attractive to them. The package being provided should be able to sustain the skill levels of these people. The people who are no longer needed by the company are required to be removed from their posts.

Performance objectives

After the necessary group of workers are in place and have been working well, the HRRM managers, ensure that these bunch of people always remain quite motivated and thus committed to their cause. The performance of these people will hence get maximum output as a result of this. The employees also sometime require a bit of training in order to perform the best of their ability. The employees through training will fix their aim at certain goals. There are lots of companies, which have a strong and active trade union. It is the duty of the HR managers to deal with the leaders of these organizations and engage in negotiations tactfully. In order to achieve the target, sometimes the help of the specialists or experts are also required. If the performance of a particular individual is unsatisfactory in nature, then the experts have to come in indeed. A certain potential is observed in the candidates and then chosen. Assistance is provided to those individuals who fail to perform according to their potential. There are people, who are out of touch with these things owing to some illness or some personal problems. The level of commitment that an individual has can always be increased. The employees should be engaging in activities through which new ideas can develop in their minds.

Change-management objectives

One of the other core objectives that you require achieving is to maintain the change taking place in the circuit effectively. The changes that you will observe are not at all defined from a recent time. The changes you will see have actually been caused owing to the external idea. The change can be termed as endemic in nature. The employees face a continuous urge to innovate their products in order to get recognition as well as make some money. There are many people with medieval attitude. In order to please these people, sometimes the employees to adopt to this kind of code. Different changes in culture are usually brought about by the employees in this manner. The function of the HR is identification of the people with great leadership skills and hires them. Systems of rewards are also concerned with these people. All employees should also be engaged in handling of stuffs. This is because they will only support a particular scheme if it is created by them.

Administration objectives

With the help of the administrative objective, you will definitely not gain something of the competitive type. It is actually quite determined in causing the other objectives to get completed. These activities are actually carried out to ensure that the running of a particular organization takes place really smoothly. You will always see that it is necessary to keep a track of data which is quite accurate in nature on each employee. You will find a record book showing their achievements. The attendance of the employees as well as the time for which they underwent training, all these information of sensitive kind can be found here. There always exists a business which is to be bound by law completely. The payment that you have made is very small in amount. The different payments would be made in a professional manner and completely complying with the law. Arrangements are always made in the companies to make allowance for the insurances as well as the deduction taking place over the taxes. Lots of complications and confusion are present along with the leaves of paternity/ maternity. There are lots of legal documents required for properly measuring and keeping an eye on the health and well-being of these individuals. Everything is done while taking in the new people. To maintain of records in a proper manner is a must so that compliance with the legal proceedings take place. There are even obligations present for an employ to earn a minimum wage as well as work for a minimum period of time.


All the four kinds of objectives for HR that you will see here are important for the various organizations in their own ways. There will be some times when one of the types is of more importance than the rest. You actually need to identify the different situations that may arise in which one type becomes more prevalent than the other.


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