To find out the final equation for constant acceleration, the following formulations are:

S = S0

t =0

v =v0

Analysis at Constant Acceleration 1

At point (1.2), the equation stands at dv = a dt

On integrating this equation, the calculation is,

An alternative to this calculation is v – v0 = at

v =v0 +at

Analysis at Constant Acceleration 2

Again on integrating on the seconds instance, the calculation stands to be,

The next step in this is,

v2 =v02 +2a (S –S0)

From the equation (1.1),

dS =v  dt

dS = (v0+at) dt

Analysis at Constant Acceleration 3

so integration equation as per the above is,

S –S0 = v0 t +1/2 at2

S =S0 + v0 t +1/2 at2


It is only in case of constant acceleration when equations (1.5), (1.6) and (1.7) are required to be applied.


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