Force can be explained as-

  1. Pulling or pushing
  2. It also explains about the tendency that can easily give a physical change in an object.
  3. Force is the product of mass and acceleration of an object and thus F = ma.
  4. Force can change the state of rest or state of motion of a body or tends to change.

Types of Forces 1

What are the different types of Forces?

The force system can be classified as –

  • Non-coplanar – At the moment when the forces or system of forces act in the different parts of the body and which is not in a plane is known as non coplanar.
  • Coplanar – At the time when the forces lie in the plane, then the systems are known as Coplanar system of forces.

Each type is divided in different parts as follows –

  • Non-coplanar –
  1. Concurrent
  2. Parallel
  3. Non-Concurrent and Non Parallel
  • Coplanar –
  1. Collinear
  2. Concurrent
  3. Parallel
  4. Non-concurrent
  5. Non-parallel

The various types say that when the forces act on a body is in the same line, and then it is called the collinear system of forces. When different forces intersect each other at a common point, then it is called concurrent forces. When the action of the forces is parallel, then it is called parallel forces.


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