Vector Quantity

Vector quantity is explained as the quantity having magnitude as well as direction. In addition, it also follows the law of Parallelogram of addition. Acceleration, Velocity, momentum, displacement, force and some similar have a proper direction along with the magnitude. For a perfect and meaningful example of vector quantity can be explained as 5 Km towards north. It means the distance is 5 Km and the proper direction is north. Here, North is the exact direction towards which a body moves.

What are the parameters of a Vector quantity?

The different parameters of a Vector Quantity are as follows –

  • Numerical Value
  • Unit
  • Direction

In the above example 5 Km towards North. 5 is the numerical value that explains how much. Km is the Unit and makes the sense perfect and North is the direction that makes the sense complete.

Vector quantity is classified into three different types. These are –

  • Free Vector
  • Sliding Vector
  • Fixed Vector

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