The 3 highly used currencies that that is used for a majority of international payments are:

  • Yen (¥)
  • Euro (€)
  • Dollar ($)

However, apart fromthese popular and important currencies, there are more than hundreds of currencies that are being used for transactions every day.If considerations are taken for the year 2000 (October), 1.17 euros were bought with 1 U. S. dollar. But in the period between 2000 and 2008, there was a drastic drop in the value of dollar, sinking it way below the value of euro. Later in the year of 2008 (July), it was seen that only 63 euro cents couldbe bought with 1 dollar (U. S.).

It was shocking but also an important question: what was the reason for dollar falling against euro? With this question, another important onetoo came to the forefront, is there anyspecific waywith which U. S. can stabilize dollar’s value?

From 1988 to present, a majority of foreign entrepreneurshave set up their roots in United Statesafter loading their huge virtual shopping carts. Most of the products were Ben & Jerry’s, Gerber, Columbia Pictures, Anheuser – Busch, and Firestone. These highlighted products are now in control of European or Japanese companies. Now here, there is another important question. Why are most foreigners purchasing U.S. businesses?

Here you will get the answers to all these queries.


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