Before moving forward in explaining about various heads in this context, these heads are nothing but adepiction of energy per unit weight.

Velocity Head

In Bernoulli’s equation, velocity is depicted by ‘v’ and v2/2g. This depiction is known as velocity head.

Potential or Datum Head

The value of ‘z’ in Bernoulli’s equation is known as potential head or datum head.

Pressure Head

Pressure of fluid in this equation is represented as ‘p’. And you can identify its pressure as .

Total Head

When you go through Bernoulli’s equation, you will find each of its term representing the dimension of length. Unit of that length is in meter. You can easily comprehend it from the equation in the previous chapter. As per that, equation for the figure in the previous chapter on left hand side,

p/pg + v2/2g + z which is constant.

This is known as total head.

Assumptions that are made for helping you derive Bernoulli’s Equation

While making derivations for Bernoulli’s equation, 4 assumptions are made in this respect. Those 4 assumptions are as follows:

  1. Flow of that ideal fluid is steady.
  2. It is found that the flow of that fluid is incompressible.
  3. Flow of the fluid is irrotational.
  4. And the final assumption of the fluid is beingin a non viscous state. This is made with the help of (µ = 0).


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