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Study Biology to Develop Awareness on Health and Fitness

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The field of health and fitness has witnessed an unparalleled growth in the past few years. The entire world has been fascinated with various fitness programs and wants to know ways to keep themselves alive and kicking all the time.

In no time, having impeccable health and a top notch fitness has become everybody’s agenda. Everyone wishes to have a life free of ailments and full of happiness.

The concepts of health and fitness can be clarified with an in depth understanding of Biology. The field of biology helps to get a thorough know how about bodily functions, genetics, metabolism and healthy lifestyle.

The definition of health and fitness                            

Health and fitness are often use as synonymous terms. A person who is exceptionally fit leading a healthy lifestyle is regarded as the epitome of mankind.

Interestingly, health is defined as the state of mental, social, physical and emotional well-being devoid of any diseases or life-threatening ailments.

In addition to this, having a good immunity also certifies being in great health. Mental equilibrium and physical comfort are the principles of a healthy lifestyle.

Fitness is characterized by having an impeccable level of robustness, alertness and mindfulness in the body. The ability to effortlessly carry out daily tasks without much ado also comes under bodily fitness.

Strength, endurance, flexibility and agility are some of the components of fitness. Not only this, the body must be in a marvellous condition with an appropriate body weight and healthy BMI.

As a matter of fact, it is paramount to have mental health which is characterized by the ability to lead a sound life. One must also be able to bounce back after confronting an obstacle.

To add, a person must know how to handle his/her emotions and not be a victim of depression, anxiety or stress.

It is essential to have a modicum of insight and orientation about the circumstances of life.

Having a positive behaviour and an optimistic attitude coupled with mental strength is must.

One must not forget that happiness is the corner stone of a fulfilling and a well-rewarding life.

The significance of biology

Biology is an umbrella term and has multidimensional concepts. Moreover, the multi-faceted domain also has room for further additions and alterations.

The need to study biology arises because the fundamentals of health and fitness are based on biological facts, theories and principles.

In order to maintain overall health impeccable eating habits, physical exercise and a sound mental well-being are necessary.

  • Inculcate excellent eating habits

The digestive system has innumerable parts which work fabulously well for the absorption of food. Thus, adequate nutrition helps in increasing metabolic rate and aids in easy digestion of food.

Interestingly, proteins need to be broken down into amino acids, fats into fatty acids and glycerol and starches into sugar. This whole procedure can be successfully accomplished by nervous and chemical coordination.

The study of biology provides information into the foods we must consume to have a disease free life.

Consuming food at appropriate intervals during the day helps keep the stomach healthy. Fasting must be prevented as it shrinks the brain.

Having small sized meals is a good way to stay fit and keep the metabolism intact. Having early dinners ensure overall health and wholesome nutrition.

Indulging in binge eating hampers the physical aspects of the body. It leads to unhealthy eating habits and improper stature.

Adequate nutrition aids in having a healthy ph balance and mucus which prevent acid from corroding the stomach.

Moreover, chewing the food properly leads to better peristaltic movement with effective break up of food.

Consuming fruits and vegetables boosts the metabolism as they contain necessary nutrients like fibre, vitamins A and C.

Having variety of fruits like apples, mangoes, plums, bananas, oranges and grapes keep diseases such as cancer, obesity, blood pressure and diabetes at bay.

Not only this, the presence of vitamins like vitamin A keeps eyes and skin healthy. Fruits like water melon and papaya have nutrients which provide a 6/6 vision and a radiant glowing skin.

Liquid intake is good for health. Milk is considered to be complete food which helps to combat health issues like osteoporosis and chronic ailments.

Drinking sufficient amount of water can cure constipation, prevent headaches, flush out toxins from the body and keep the body hydrated.

Moreover, consumption of fruit and vegetable juices leads to healthy immune system as they contain anti-inflammatory compounds. Pomegranate juice has the highest level of anti-oxidants which are beneficial to the body.

Avoiding crash diets and oily foods are essential as they contribute to significant weight gain and high cholesterol levels.

Therefore, foods such as pizzas, hamburgers, French fries, potato chips need to be consumed in moderation. Excessive consumption can contribute in the forming gall bladder stones.

  • Essential physical fitness

The muscular and skeletal system provides support to the human body. The muscles and bones need to work in tandem to avoid deposition of fat and cellulite.

Apparently, excessive fat around the stomach decreases the efficiency of the organ. It is important to do abs exercises to keep a healthy stomach.

This is because the stomach is the first organ the immune system has as a defending mechanism against the foreign body or illness.

Every human being on this earth has different body types. Even, body frames and structures differ which affect the anatomy and physiology of the body.

Some people are ectomorphs who possess a lean body having a lanky shape. Endomorphs have a high percentage of fat and have a pear shaped body with a podgy shape.

Mesomorphs are people who are muscular with a well-built physique/figure. They have a high metabolism and exceptional levels of fitness.

Similarly, people have small, medium and broad frames. The bone density, muscular structure and skeletal shape may vary.

Doing exercises like running, walking, yoga, Pilates and strength training develops cardiovascular strength and eliminates fat reserves in the body.

An increased blood circulation along with increased pulse rate ensures impeccable bodily condition. With regular exercise, the heart becomes more active pumping more oxygenated blood.

Physical ailments like coronary heart disease, stroke and heart attacks can be eradicated by pursuing a physical fitness program for about 30-45 minutes daily.

In addition to this, any mild or vigorous physical activity releases serotonin and feel good factor hormones which are fundamental for overall development.

Moreover, yogic postures and certain breathing exercises keep the human body systems working properly.

Certain yogic exercises like the plough pose, shoulder stand and boat pose enhance the hair growth, radiant skin and lead to healthy overall growth.

The knowledge of biology helps in understanding the benefits of exercise.

The scalp is the area which supports the growth of hair. Regular combing of the hair results in the stimulation of nerves and blood vessels underneath the scalp.

As a matter of fact, hair is often considered to be a crowning glory. Washing one’s hair with some shampoo and water helps to promote hair growth.

Frequent oiling helps maintain lustrous shiny and glowing hair.

Human teeth and tongue are important as they help a person to talk and consume food. Maintaining oral hygiene is the corner stone of a blissful life.

Certain root canal issues and unhealthy teeth can be cured by dental implants. Also, scaling of teeth must be done by experts.

One must brush their teeth using high-quality brushes and toothpastes. Halitosis or foul breath is a result of improper oral hygiene.

Thyroid gland is responsible for the metabolism of food. A dysfunctional thyroid gland causes various types of problems like thyroid cancer and hyperthyroidism.

If any such problem arises one must visit the doctor at the earliest.

Spine is a crucial organ of the body which provides structure and connects the blood vessels and nerves to other parts. It provides the framework for the body to sustain itself.  An improper spine is the cause of back pain.

One must try to maintain proper range of motion and develop the elasticity of muscles.

In case of prolonged sitting sessions, frequent breaks help relax the body.

Moving on, rejuvenating the skin by regularly drinking at least two litres of water daily and proper cleansing using good quality soaps, face washes, scrubs and cleaners is must.

It is imperative to bathe regularly in order to ensure personal hygiene. Keeping oneself sanitized is considered healthy. Daily bathing removes body odour keeping skin disease at bay.

Exposing the skin to adequate sunlight is a good way to enrich vitamin D. It develops the bones and amplifies bone function.

Talking about kidneys, it is imperative to keep them in good condition by drinking sufficient water. They maintain the optimum fluid balance in the body.

  • Outstanding mental development

Another paramount area of biology is mental well-being and sharpening of cognitive abilities. A healthy brain is the result of good nutrition, adequate sleep, marvellous physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Biology plays a vital role in imparting fabulous mental health. It helps us to understand the nervous system that give an insight on how our neurons help in stirring up emotions.

A balanced sleep leads to a composed and poised body. Having 8-10 hours of sleep per day is essential as it boosts mental faculties.

It repairs the body and helps regain vigour and freshness.

To develop good neuro-muscular development one must practice any form of exercise. Science has proved that yoga and meditation keep depression and anxiety at bay.

These practices help the brain function outstandingly well by not getting fatigued. The neuron connections are developed at a lightning speed fostering mental activities, cognitive functions and increased memory.

Interestingly, the nerve impulses and synaptic co-ordination of the body can be sharpened by being active and breaking the strands of complacency one is surrounded by.

It is necessary to have an immaculate neuro eye muscle movement. We actually see with our brains because the eyes are designed to capture the rays and the light emanating from the objects and send the data to the brain.

Getting regular eye checkups is necessary for all. Doing eye exercises like palming and eye rotation relaxes the capillaries and adjusts the eye lens.

Mental stimulation and physical activity increases nervous development and co-ordination. Having a good posture helps to balance the body and not put excessive pressure on the feet.

Also, memory and concentration is escalated by eating almonds and having a balanced diet.

There are innumerable stimulation points in the body in which there are peripheral nerves. When these points are pressed the peripheral nerves are activated which send a message to the brain.

The practice of reflexology and acupressure has proven to be of immense use to mankind. When practiced in humans, it results in increased blood circulation and brings the internal organs to their optimum functioning.

Not only this, the mood is elevated and it has a rejuvenating effect on the body. The nerves are calmed and neuropeptide systems are improved.

To sum it up, biology seems to be field which has been well-researched by the scientists. The information provided by biological concepts is vital for the progress of mankind.

The in-depth study of biology develops an excellent understanding towards topics like health and fitness.

These topics are of tremendous interest to people in today’s times. A perfect knowledge of biology helps to develop a body of one’s dreams and have spectacular well-being at the same time.

Nevertheless, the domain is ever increasing and new additions are being made in this area.

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