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Is Biology Giving You A Headache? Some Hacks That Can Help You Ace That Biology Exam

by Mar 26, 2019Biology0 comments

School is somewhere where we like to hang out and also at times we do not like that place because of the reasons such as exams, boring classes and long lasting lectures of the subjects that we hate.

However good we are at our studies there is always a subject that we don’t like and want to get rid of as soon as possible and it could be any of the subjects like English, biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, social science or any other subject which bores the hell out of us and make us feel overwhelmed and irritated.

If you don’t like big terminologies or huge diagrams are not your thing it means that you prefer to stay away from the subject known as biology and you just wish that the exams of biology just disappear in thin year and you have full freedom from all those big diagrams and names of animals and plants which nobody cares about.

If biology is not your thing and still you have to pass your upcoming biology exam here are few hacks that can help you get the scores that you need.

But before we get to those hacks let’s try to understand what the concept of biology is and how can you hack it?

What is biology?

Biology is basically defined as the study of life and everything that is living around us which can breathe and survive in adaptive as well as non-adaptive circumstances is called Biology.

Biology is the study of living organisms which includes flora, fauna as well as microorganisms which live on the face of this earth and breed and survive. Biology is a very wide and big concept which has been studied from hundreds of years and a lot has been discovered about living beings through it and a lot still has to be discovered.

In order to like biology it is important that you have a thing for the nature and the living beings that live in it and even if you don’t have a thing for them there are stuff that you can do to make yourself aware about your natural surroundings like looking around and finding out the organisms that are living around you, or visiting a science club etc.

You can also increase your interest in biology by reading some interesting journals or blogs or any new invention that involves the invention or discovery of any new technique, organism or any other stuff that can intrigue you.

Although the books of biology may seem to be boring but there are a lot of interesting things that are in our surroundings that can help you make this subject intriguing for yourself? Some of the hacks that can help if you are finding it difficult to mug up those terms of biology are as follows:-

  1. Try to use the labs:-

If you want to gain interest in the subject which otherwise seems boring to you then you can try to do practical’s in the laboratory by gaining instant access to the organisms where instead of the boring textbooks you will be able to witness living organisms and not only that you will also be able to dissect them and find out about their internal organs and the way they work.

Labs are a great way to learn and gain more knowledge about the organisms first hand without any issues and that would also help students get real-life experiences which will encourage and intrigue them more and more about the subject.

  1. Make use of diagrams:-

As we all know diagrams form an important part of biology and memorizing them will not only make you perfect grasping the figures but will also help you understand the concepts biter. Diagrams are highly descriptive and knowing diagrams will make it easier to get in touch with what you are learning.

Diagrams such as the human heart, kidneys etc. will help you understand the cardiac system, the renal system etc. in a much better manner and help you get through the etc. easily without any problems whatsoever. Diagrams also simplify the process of remembering a large chunk of information with great ease and comfort.

  1. Memorize the terminologies:-

Another important thing to do if you want to score high in your biology test is to start memorizing the terminologies without fail as without the terminologies you will not be able to ace your exam.

Terminologies form an important part of the whole subject and without them a lot of things will not get defined and hence it is important to memorize the terms as soon as possible instead of waiting for the last day and trying to mug up all at once. It is also advised that w, whenever you come across a new or difficult word, try to take note of them and then try to understand them and most importantly try to memorize them.

Also, it is important that unfamiliar words should be broken into roots and then tried to be understood. In order to memorize something, it is important that you understand what you are learning without any fail.

  1. Practice the general to specific approach:-

In order to master the whole subject of biology, there is a certain approach which can help you get you to follow the effective learning process, and it also allows you to master the general concepts easily and helps you focus on the specific ones more effectively with great ease. For example, firstly you need to understand the concept and then try to memorize and understand the factors that are affecting them.

Mostly you should follow the concepts and processes first and then focus on the next level which will help you make great sense of what is done and when it is done. It is important that you study in an organized way which will help you get the hold of the information in the best way possible in the easiest and the most virtual way.

  1. Use the past year questions:-

Another important factor which will help you get the best out of your preparation to the best possible use and will help you gain the best possible marks in the exams is trying to study from the past year papers which will help you get a brief idea of what the questions are and what are the topics which is repeated in most of the exams and what are the concepts which need your immediate attention.

It will also help you get an idea what is the pattern that is generally followed like the MCQs or long questions are asked in the biology exams and for this, you can consult your teacher or any other concerned authority to know where you can find these questions.

  1. Consult your seniors:-

Before your exams, you can also consult the immediate seniors of your school or college and find out what are the questions that are asked in the biology papers from time to time and how is the correction of the papers done on regular basis and what are the topics which hold more importance as compared to others.

Seniors can be a great source of information and can help you and guide you about all the concepts and information that you need about the test if they are consulted so don’t leave this resource untapped and go find out what you need to know about the biology test.

  1. Form a study group:-

If you are a person who learns better in a study group and can understand better from your peers as compared to your teachers then this hack wild help you understand the difficult terminologies of biology in a much better way where you can simply sit with friends and classmates and learn and understand the subject in a much better manner.

Biology study group will help you understand the subject in a more fun way as compared to your professors who bore the hell out of you. All you need to do is to make a group of people who are studying the same thing and are ready to share and teach each other. It will mutually benefit you as well as your friends where people who are better at biology will help others get lifted up in a much better way.

  1. Look for private tuitions:-

If you are completely drowning and have-not been able to construct a study group then you can look for a private tutor of biology who is good at the basics of subject get lifted up easily and will help you get the concepts which you clearly missed during the lectures in the school or college And will also help you with things that you find difficult to understand.

Private tuitions will ensure that you do not tank the subject completely in any case and will make sure you get the grades that you are wishing for or at least deserve in all the cases.

  1. Make sure that you have all the correct material:-

This is a hack that we mostly ignore and do not consider as very important and feel that we will manage in the last minute but that is not the case for which it is important that at least you collect all the right material in the place before giving the exam so that at least you will not miss any topic because you did not have the right material for the biology test.

Material should be gathered from all the sources beforehand and made sure that we get it from the right places at any given time. So even if you haven’t studied beforehand and if you have the right material you can still ace the exam in a good way.

  1. Revise what you know:-

Last but not the least the day before the exam it is important that you don’t mug up stuff and rather revise concepts that you already know and are not new to you. It is said that learning new things a day before the exam can hamper your whole learning process and will cram things up for you so make sure you don’t try to learn new biological terminologies a day before.

All the notes that you prepared through the whole semester should just be revised over and over again to memorize the diagrams as well the diagrams with their labeling to ensure that you remember all of it and can answer the questions easily.

Biology is an important subject in high school as well as middle school and you cannot get rid of it even if you like as you need to get good grades in it which is why you need to find out ways to make sure that you have some of the above mentioned hacks that can help you ace those exams.

It is always better that you start the process of studying from the begging of the semester as it will help you have less burden in the last days and for that you have to be regular from the beginning.

It is also important that as mentioned above first understand what biology is all about then you can follow all the hacks that are listed above in the most fruitful way according to your convenience whenever you like.

It is also entirely possible that you might actually develop your interest in the subject and you might actually start liking it in the most fascinating way as biology does have a lot to offer in its own way. So prepare well for your school biology exams and instead of taking it as burden try to make the whole process more fun and learn and also get good grades out of it.

So relieve the stress folks and go out and make the most out of that biology test and make yourself proud of acing the exam in the most kickass way!

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