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Few of the Most Important Ways to Make Use of Your Programming Language

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What is a programming language?

A programming language is basically defined as a set of instructions that has the capability of producing various kinds of output.

Programming languages are used by the various kinds of computer programmers to create algorithms.

Most programming languages do have certain kinds of instructions for computers .Before the invention of computers the machines used certain instructions for the purpose of working but with the invention of computers the computers now need certain kinds of programs which they need so that they can perform the operations correctly.

Almost from the early 1800s the programming languages have been used to direct the clear behavior of machines such as by Jacquard Looms, player boxes and music boxes to be specific. Many programming languages are written in the imperative forms which are different from the declarative form.

The programming languages have been used and have two parts which are syntax and semantics and have different meanings all together.

Programming languages differ from the natural languages as the natural languages are used only for the purpose of having an interaction between human beings whereas the programming languages are used for the interaction between humans and machines.

Markup languages like HTML, XML etc.are not considered programming languages because of their nature but they might or might not share the same syntax with the markup languages so they should not be considered programming languages and not confused with them.

Why are programming languages used?

Programming languages are used in various aspects of computer programming and they are helpful in the interaction between the machines and the humans and in simpler terms programmers use programming languages to communicate with the computers in the most efficient way.

All the languages are different and have different purposes which are why each of them may be suited for a different purpose with respect of different industries. Programming languages are used for the purpose of certain apps that are helpful for the people. Also certain programming languages are used to solve different kinds of problems and also interpret data at different places.

Nowadays programming languages are often revised and also combined with many other languages to meet the changing needs of people.

Some popular programming languages and their uses:-

  1. HTML is a programming language which is used in the process of web development and has great value and it serves as the foundation of web pages which helps people to create electronic documents that can be created and shared online.
  2. Java another prevalent web language was created in the year 1995 and is used in the field health sciences, education and finance industries as well.
  3. Python is another programming language that is used in the field of web development and also by software engineers and is most useful in scientific computing. It is observed that python is relatively easy to learn as compared to other languages.
  4. Ruby on the other hand is an open scripting language mostly used by coders and is also used by NASA in its work with simulations.
  5. C on the other hand is a programming language used majorly by system analysts and software developers.

Some of the jobs that are available for people with programming knowledge:-

Here are certain jibs which are mainstream and any programmer can have these if they want to:-

  1. Technical writer
  2. Digitalmarketing analyst
  3. Content marketer
  4. Growth hacker
  5. Customer support

The above listed jobs are some of the basic jobs that you can get if you are programmer and you are looking for some kind of exposure as well as some kind of money that can come from it. These are the very basic jobs and are popular among all kinds of coders whether they like it o not.

These are some other job like instructional designr, UX designer etc which also make into the mainstream and can help the coders get what they want and as they want it.

However if you don’t want to stay in the mainstream and are looking for some kind of break from the mainstream and are looking for other ways to make money out of your programming job here are the ways:-

  1. Freelancing:-

Freelancing is a way through which you can make a large impact on the society by sharing your knowledge and expertise as a programmer and can work for some platforms and make some good money out of it.

These days there are various platforms that utilize the skills of programmers and coders for their benefit and the programmers also get paid well. Freelancing is a good option f you are looking to opt out of your boring job routine and make money the other way.

  1. Blogging:-

Blogging is another option if you are a programmer and you are using your skills for the purpose of writing and sharing it online for the people to learn what you know   and what you can share. The purpose of blogging for programmers is to help other programmers gain knowledge of how you can work through different programming systems.

Blogging and writing is a very important and informative source of knowledge for budding well as well-versed programmers.

  1. Broadcasting:-

With the growth of the internet and the availability of video streaming for people broadcasting has become an important source of information and it can help to grow a good online portfolio for the programmers. It is like visual display of work where you show how you work assignments and gain knowledge through them.

It also helps the programmers to connect with people who are like them and have common interests which can help them have a good online network. Broadcasting will also help the programmers create a real asset regarding skill display and help you monetize your programming talents in the long term.

  1. Open source projects:-

Open source projects may or may not provide you monetary support but can get you a platform where you can display your talents in the most exquisite way and there are chances that you might get paid for it.

You can use open source projects if you are ambitious and have a knack for coding or programming for that purpose.AS a beginner you should use your energy for first making a good online presence.

  1. Volunteering:-

Volunteering is another way of showcasing your talents as a programmer and can help you get contacts with the real world to ensure that you grow in every possible way where you can work as a coder for non -profit organizations.

Volunteering will not only help in the understanding of the programming language but will also help you to understand the computer in a better way. Many non profits these days also offer internships and placements for people.

  1. Teaching:-

If the programmers wish to monetize their knowledge  of computer through the process of teaching which helps them to share their knowledge with the students of schools and colleges which are offering programming courses to people.

Teachers these days are also well paid and are looked upon with great respect which is why they can be great source of information for the learners who are tried to learn the basics of programming. If a programmer is only interested in working online then they can create online portals for new learners who can learn and benefit from them.

  1. Learning:-

Another great way of making progress is always keep on learning and making use of the information available to become better programmers.

Learning also helps people get where they want by giving them full control of what they want. Learning will help them have their skills monetized and will help in building a better career. So if you upgrade your skills you will be a better programmer.

  1. Exporing;-

Exploring new technologies and courses will help you get the most of what  you want from the world as knowledge never exists in vaccum.Always the programmers should make sure that they find some new source of information from time to time and learn from them.

How to boost your confidence as a programmer?

Here we will find out how e can boost our confidence as a coder or a programmer:-

  1. Practice a lot:-

In order to be good programmer it is important to be confident in your own capabilities for which you need to build something of your won like a php or a JavaScript plug-in stc but keep on doing something and never give up on anything related with what you like .

Keep on practicing and exercising your muscles for good purpose specially your brain muscle.

  1. Release a project:-

When you have used your knowledge for working with others it is important that you use it to do something for yourself like creating a project and releasing it be it a mobile app or anything else w else which you use to make money as well as make a name for yourself and that will give good confidence boost.

  1. Speak at meet tups:-

Try to speak up at meetups or gatherings where people want to know what you are doing and how you do it which will educate others and also help them get where they want to. It will not only educate them but will also help them get where they want to and will boost your confidence to a greater level.

  1. Give at GITHUB:-

To improve your confidence you can also contribute to github to other open source projects which will make you feel better about your achievements and accomplishments. You don’t have to necessarily contribute as a coder you can also contribute in other ways.

Boosting your confidence through these ways will make you a better programmer and the world will be able to see your talents and acknowledge and will help you achieve a good social as well a professional profile.

Here in this article we learnt what programming is how it is used, what are the common jobs that it offers and what are the extra kinds of things that you can do if you want to take a break and what are the ways you can boost your confidence as a programmer.

All the programmers in the world have achieved a lot and are still achieving in their fields which is why they have our respect and support but they do through different struggles where they are incapable of using their capabilities in the best possible way. The government as well as private employers should help them achieve their goals in the best possible ways.

Programmers are the asset to every company and companies should make sure that they are provided with the best opportunities and they are trained and treated well in the companies where they provide their services and there are enough jobs for them.

On the other hand the governments should help them grow and invent better things for themselves and others with good opportunities and good work culture. With better funding for startups they will get good opportunities and the backup to achieve.

The programmers play with numbers and codes and help the system access information and they should make sure that if they are getting in this field they should not back out when things start to get tough and people are not very accepting of what they are willing to offer.

Instead they should thrive and try to crack it with the above mentioned ways and continue their passion of being the coders or programmers that they are with full confidence and enthusiasm. It’s not easy to be learning programming and very few do make it to the top and it is important that we take things in our stride and do our best.

Programmers are helping us get forward in our lives and they should be allowed to flout their wings and fly high and move ahead with full zeal and enthusiasm and make this world a better and more comfortable place to live in for all of us without us having to deal with numbers or codes!

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Marlon Brando is a professional educator and blogger. He has completed her MBA from the University of Chicago – Booth School of Business and she has an experience of 6 years of working with several leading organizations. Because of him skills and experience, he can understand the problems of the students and they can contact her for getting any kind of academic help.