Perpetual Motion Machine of the First Kind (Pmm-1)

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Perpetual motion can be defined as any other motion that can easily sustain without the help of any given exteriorforce of energy. There are two different kinds of perpetual motion:

  1. Perpetual motion of the first kind
  2. Perpetual motion of the second kind

The Perpetual motion of the first kind can be explained to be a type of motion which once get activated will surely continue to run without the need of any extrapoint of energy.

The Perpetual motion of the second kind is explained as a motion that can get energy in order to run from different source that comes along with lesser temperature than the temperature of any perpetual motion device.

The first law of thermodynamics says that energy can neither be created nor it can be destroyed. It can get transformed from one body to another. Perpetual motion machine is the machine that violates law of thermodynamics. A machine that supplies mechanical work on continuous basis without the consumption of energy certainly violates first law of thermodynamics.


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