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My Homework help is a top-rated organization in the global academic setting. We are trailblazers in online tutoring and educational assistance. Based on our excellent delivery of service and products, we have achieved amazing success in the industry. We ensure that we do not compromise on ingenuity and this is what makes us distinct.

A lot of our customers have identified with our mode of delivery and therefore, their continued patronage is the result of our brilliance and innovative services. We are the revolutionary service providers in the niche of English assignment help. The primary objective of creating a web-based academic solution like ours is to offer English help for college students. We have obtained wonderful reviews from all our clients all over the world.

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Here are a few reasons that make us superior to other English help organizations:

  • Qualified English tutors: We have a team of proficient tutors and writers who have been proven to offer only accurate English homework answers. This is evidence that our recruitment process is credible and transparent. During our selection of English tutors, we always consider their level of education, experience, résumes and previous writing samples. We want to be certain about who we are hiring; hence, we look for the necessary qualities such as ability to communicate effectively, write academic papers properly, and knowledge of different citations.
  • Prompt delivery of papers: Our experts are very efficient in delivering your requested homework. We do not delay before we send the solution to your mailbox. Our writers have the understanding of time factor. We complete every task before any particular deadline. If you have some difficult projects at hand, we guarantee that it will be submitted to you before the set timeframe.
  • Full confidentiality: We respect and protect your privacy. This implies that we do not give out your information to a third party. When you hire us for English assignment writing, we do not share your documents to other people or organization. This is part of our work ethics, standards and policies.
  • Unique solution: At My Homework help, we provide unique results to our customers. When students hire us for their homework, we supply plagiarism-free solutions because we prioritize quality than quantity. We subject all academic papers to Plagiarism checker software such as Copyscape.

Our Service:-

Our range of services includes provision of English assignment answers, dissertations, thesis, and various types of essays. According to requested format from clients, we cover topics such as reading comprehension, grammar and usage of syntax, critical reasoning, use of right punctuations, writing skills, construction of sentence, verbal reasoning, essay writing, creative writing, letter writing, vocabulary development, spelling, phonology, literature and so on. Our experts also provide professional referencing and sources citing for English Research assignments, projects or comparative pieces, inappropriate and standard research styles (MLA, CMS, etc.)

Our Experts:-

Our English assignment experts are highly qualified individuals holding MSc and Ph.D. in the English Language. They understand the concepts of English language and they offer the best service that meets your expectations. We have professionals who are very good at writing, editing, proofreading and tutoring. Our experts are native speakers of English language. We know that English language is multidimensional, so we hire the native speakers to avoid common errors associated with non-native speakers.

Our Clients:-

We have a significant number of satisfied customers that have hired our service in the past. Our clients are students studying English from 12th grade, high schools, colleges and universities across different parts of the world. We have thrilled thousands of our clients providing them with the Best English homework help for many years.

Our Availability:-

We are available online twenty hours of the day and seven times a week. When you reach out to us at any time of the day, we are ready to assist with any issues that you on English assignment topics. We are also of a reputation for being punctual with due dates, and assignment help deliveries at the mutually agreed time frame.

What is English Language?

English language is depicted as a West Germanic language that was transferred to Great Britain by Anglo-Frisian colonists in the early Middle Ages. The English language derives its origin from England. While its development spiraled alongside the colonial prowess of the British Empire establishing British colonies all over the world and beyond, it gained wider acceptance overtime among British colonies as a primary Language, Second Language or Official Language. Countries like the United States of America, Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of Africa are all English speaking countries.

Currently recorded to be the third most spoken language in the world and the second most widely learned language in the world, the study of the English Language in all its grammatical and Vocabulary forms has since remained of immeasurable necessity among students all over the world. Mostly, in Anglophone countries, where Academic syllabus at the basic and secondary levels is formed, the English Language was declared a compulsory subject of study for every student notwithstanding his or her department of interest.

The understanding of these factors enables us to provide you the expert guidance and tutelage from our team of English Language Experts here in My Homework Help. We also implore a more detailed and simplified leap to provide you with the best conceptual and technical English Homework answers which will enable you as an English speaker and writer to communicate and understand with ease and grammatical accuracy while acing all your English Language assignments and Exams.

Common Issues of English?

Most students view English language as a complex and incomprehensible course. They encounter several challenges unlike native speakers. These issues stem from cultural, social and academic backgrounds. Our seasoned English Homework experts have been able to identify some of the problems being faced by students which are discussed below;

Pronunciation: English grammar is an intricate subject which involves good mastery and application. To be candid, pronunciation is a major issue in English because the course has many variants. American English is different from British and Canadian English. Hence, a student needs to really understand the English accent of his/her home country before switching to learn the way other countries speak theirs. Native speakers know that the word “comb” must be pronounced without “b” but this may be challenging for non-native speakers.

Grammar: In conversation, the use of correct grammar may even be awkward especially when you are speaking with someone who speaks better and faster. Just like driving, students need to understand the dos and don’ts of English. Grammar is highly essential in effective communication and use of English language. The application of wrong grammar can hinder the free flow of communication and may confuse the second person. Native English speakers are very concerned about grammatical errors and are quick to point out errors during conversation.

Vocabulary: Vocabulary is a big challenge in learning English language especially for non-native English speakers. In the same vein, students do not have the panache for learning new words. Teachers shy away from introducing new vocabulary and also rush to complete their course outline. The only source for students to hear the accurate pronunciations is from English teachers.

Effect of mother tongue: Most students learn to pronounce by comparing their mothers’ tongue. The transfer of language specifies the intrusion of the mother tongue in the learning English as a second language. Beginners mostly use the knowledge gained from native language to learn and study the second language.

Inadequate proficiency: Most teachers in high schools are not really good at speaking English. They have poor oral presentation and they teach English as a written subject to their students. The best part of English language is phonology which is also the driving force of a good English speaker. If English teachers are proficient enough verbally, the students will be interested to learn and speak better. A complete learning of English requires both oral and written techniques.

Various tasks are assigned students by teachers and lecturers on a regular basis. And most often than not, these problems are either too tedious or time-consuming. Whatever be the challenge within the academic sphere, we are here to help you solve them. Are you in need of English assignment experts? Do you need help with your project and research? Are you asking yourself “how will I do my English Homework?” My homework help is the right place to source for solutions. Our English Language experts are available at your beck and call to provide you with English assignment answers at any given time. All you are required to do is to request our help on any of the call-to-action options provided for you.

If you need trained personnel to help with English problems, you need to pay for it. Our team of experts commits their time and resources to provide you with accurate English homework solutions. We ensure that the best of our team tutors for the submitted assignment come to the rescue. They create customized solutions for the assignment according to the requested style and acceptable academic requirement. They also take time to conscientiously edit and proofread the text for inaccuracies and plagiarism before it is sent back to you via email. These processes take a huge chunk of time, patience and expertise.

Here at My Homework Help, we commit to providing you with homework solutions at all times. Your English assignment writing is a click away. You must log on to our website to access this service. All you are required to do is to follow these call-to-action steps; online chat session, Email and customer service attendants.

To submit your assignments and have them attended to by our line-up of English experts; you are required to follow these four easy steps on our Home page.

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There are various online homework help platforms but what singles us out are:

1. Reduced price: At My Homework Help, we offer you discounted and unbeatable rates and there are no hidden fees unlike other competitors’ websites.

2. 24×7 Accessibility: Our services are open all day long. You don’t need to be anxious about time before you request for help on our website. We are online 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

3. Active Customer Care: We have a dynamic customer service section. They are always accessible and ready to resolve complaints, requests and queries.

4. Our Tutors: We have a team of renowned English pros. They will guide you on how to get assistance on My Homework help.

Did we proffer answers to all your surging questions? Feel free to send us a query if you have additional questions. It is absolutely free of charge and we will respond to you as soon as possible.

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