Why Is There Homework? The Pros and Cons of This School Task:

Homework is a word that can be rightfully called, eternal. The fear with it among students is also unchanged through times. Teachers and parents have different ideas on this subject. How easy it makes the study or how unnecessary it is in life, both types of views are present. But why is there homework? Will take you to a different plot where you can find equally strong reasons for it and against it.
Now is time for you to learn why is there homework? For this subject to flourish you will need to be neutral and stop placing your judgments at the time of considering both issues of the positive and negative points over it or simply put, the pros and cons of homework.
Why is there homework?
Pros of Homework:

  • Homework is designed to prepare students for the tests and exams. What type of questions they will find in the exam or the important selections in the text books are all sorted out by the homework. Teachers are extra careful to help students know them by homework. You will probably think of reading and memorizing the entire book, but come on! It is just not so right to learn without any proper methods. You can actually get valuable points and learn why is there homework?
  • It is a great way to bond with the teacher. They are here to help you and not always scold and handle you with strict methods. If you just find some interest in the subject teachers will definitely come forward to guide you further to like that subject even more. Who knows, it might the subject that you will do major on!
  • Homework is a great way to mingle with your family. Often schools require family’s participation in the homework. By doing so, you can get a close relationship with your parents and also siblings. It is a good point in why is there homework?
  • Homework not only increases your studying capacity but also your responsibilities. You will find it hard to believe but if you are finding time to complete homework even after 7-8 hours of school hours then you are quite a responsible student and that is a good thing for you in near future.
  • Your parents will get a proper idea on how you are being taught in the school after finding the homework sheet. It will satisfy them to know that you are following rules of the school and getting perfect guidance.
  • Some homework is very interesting to begin with. Like reading a book, conversing with your teacher in the dialogs of the drama, participating in a group project etc. If you have enough efficiency in those talents, try encouraging your teacher to allot more of those kinds of homework which is fun to learn.
  • You will learn an interesting thing when finding why is there homework? Homework is not always easy enough to solve by yourself. Yes it is preferable if you could do it all by yourself but getting a proper marks and also good guidance at the same time can be possible if you can find an assignment and homework provider online. Get them to help you with professional assistance which can be helpful in your case.

After getting a fair enough view on the good points on homework, now it is time to jot down some of the negativity it presents in the lives of student bodies.
Cons of Homework:

  • The first reason that comes in the mind is that students find it tiring after coming from schools and doing homework for the next day. Their body and mind needs enough relaxation to be prepared for the next day. Without proper relax they might face some physical problem and get sick easily.
  • Homework does help students to bond with their family but even a child can imagine that is not a relaxing idea. The tension of completing it on time and also finding the perfect answer to get a good grade creates an awkward situation between you and your family.
  • There are times when children want to have some private moments and spend it with their friends. Homework will start involving in those quality times and ruin all the fun. It result might make you an unsocial person. Getting proper schedules up for you is a good idea. But in some cases it can even cause problems between the students and parents for not doing homework at all.
  • You can find cheating as a solution when searching the negative points of why is there homework? To complete the homework on time, copying one other’s notebook and then get caught is a completely foolish idea. At least cheat with some creativity. Make sure to invent some of your own points and put it in the notes. But time might cause hindrance and you will not have enough chance to do so.
  • Does your teacher have enough time to check your homework always? No they don’t. They have their schedules packed with lesson plans, counseling, preparing notes etc. You can even see some examples when students get their notebook of homework returned to them after the lesson was already over. This is what causes the lesser interest in the students to complete homework for the next time.

If you have already decided its role in your life then it is futile but it will never hurt to learn some interesting matters concerning homework that you so hate or like. Did I just mention hate at first and then like? Of course I did. I was one of those students who didn’t like it all the time and so were clever enough to learn how to get away with not doing homework with some simple tricks, but rest assured I never tried something of a foolish idea to never ever doing homework at all. This even I have to admit, homework has enough potential to implant some good qualities in a student’s life style and studying habits.
Sometimes, you just cannot avert the situation at all. Homework has both good and bad effects on the students, teachers and parents when searching why is there homework? Setting a good environment and mental state is the first requirements when deciding on this matter.

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