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5 Best Apps for College Students That Make Smartphone Really Productive!

by Apr 16, 2016Homework Help

It is a debatable topic whether technology has made positive contribution or not in the life of students. But, it is for sure that in the world of technological advancement, every student is in need of Smartphone. So, as a college student how can you make your phone highly productive? There are different apps available that are specially designed for students which can be used to stay organized and enhance study skills. The best apps for college students are available in different operating system.
It is an undeniable fact that Wi-Fi and internet rule the world and it has made things and life easier. Tablets, phones are the portable options that has contributed in technological innovation and also made it a user-friendly aspect. In present era, education is not refined to any boundaries. Tablets and laptops are now an easy source of learning where interaction is much easier.
Different types of appsfor college students
Today, you will come across with some of the well-defined application tool designed for students that can improve and facilitate better learning process. Students often get bored with their study lessons and learning process. Who doesn’t want to adopt an interactive way of learning? To make your study fun and intuitive, there are few apps available that can improve your score card as well.

  1. Revision apps:

The revision app can be regarded to be one of the best apps for college students. Things that seems to be impossible once, turns out to be possible! Now, revising the subject is fun. EverNote Peek, an exclusive iPad app is known to be a popular revision application which can be used to revise notes. If you are not an iOS user, then you can certainly download ExamTime app which is again a best option. Resources available to create revision charts, notes, flash cards and quizzes in a fun and colorful way.

  1. Exam preparations apps:

Who is not scared of exams? With the help of certain apps there is a possibility to prepare for specific exams such as LSAT, MCAT, GRE and GMAT. Exams conducted by many schools as their part of admission procedure can easily be learnt from apps. Therefore, it is also one of the best apps for college students. BenchPrepis a newly designed app that makes use of social networking sites and enables users to get connected with fellow test-makers. Students can further make use of revision materials available such as quizzes and notes. TCY Exam Prep is an Android app available in India and the US that ensures students to get prepared for competitive exams.

  1. Wake-up apps:

If you are a persistent snoozer, and find it difficult to wake up early for lectures, then chooseAlarmy: Sleep If you Can. It is an app for students that ensure user to complete their task before the alarm gets turned off. You can possibly get the latest weather update through this application. Sleep Cycle is the other app available which can correct the sleeping pattern of user’s. It is an app that monitors your movement as well as the time you go to bed.

  1. Student planner apps:

While considering the best apps for college students, it is necessary to take into account the planner apps. Staying organized is the key to stay proactive in college life. Through student planner apps, it is possible to get reminders and alerts on phone and devices. These planner apps include Timetable which is exclusive Android app, that features a clean interface and users can refer to timetables with ease. Other familiar apps that are designed for students are My Class Schedule for Android users and Class Timetable for iOS users.

  1. Bibliography apps:

Are you spending hours in writing bibliography? EasyBib is known to be an extremely helpful app for students that can surely assist in creating a beautiful academic reference for any book. You simply need to scan the book’s barcode. The app supports referencing in Chicago, APA and MLA styles. Users can simply take up a picture of barcode or can type the title of book in their devices and referencing will be completed in no time!
Best apps for college students for iPhone users
It is necessary to explore the different app ideas for college students so that you can easily improve your study and score well. There are few educational apps available for iPhone users:

  • Evernote:

This is considered to be an effective way of taking notes. There is a possibility of taking down notes on the app itself, or can write down notes and then take a snap of it while putting it into this app. This has an exceptional feature of indexing your notes in case you forget the day that certain topic is being learned.

  • Dropbox:

It is known to be one of the best apps for college students. It not only enables you to sync different documents and data, but there is a possibility of sharing photos and music amongdifferent devices. The application has the ability to create back up automatically of all photos over Wi-Fi.

  • iHomework:

It is obvious that school and college students would attend different classes and would indulge themselves in different subjects as well. Therefore, to keep a track of every homework and assignment, it is essential for them to have an application that can assist. To make life easier, you just need to enter information in this app and it will send you alert about the homework.
eNotebook application also comes with amazing features:

  • Insert blank feature: This enables students to create and make pages
  • Highlighter feature: Color as well as width of mark can easily be changed with the use of pen and highlighter
  • Crop tool: An exclusive feature that allows student to select a particular portion of file and then add it to blank page

The best apps for college students will definitely help in developing study skills. Through eNotebook it is possible to improve study time and also minimize time on managing their notes. Students have an opportunity to quickly switch between different task such as reading a file or taking notes.