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The 10 Best Apps for College Students Android

by Apr 16, 2016Homework Help

College life is amazing but with it comes a certain degree of responsibility. You need to get through it smoothly and what better way to that than with the help of your smartphone? Smartphones are a boon to us students as they help us not only to cope with the syllabus but also connect socially. And if it is an android phone, then you got the entire world at your feet. However, what are the best apps for college students android that will help you sail through college life easily?
College students, like us, need apps which help us with our education and keep a track of our entire life. College students are already acquainted with apps like Facebook, twitter, spotify etc. Although they help us connect to the world, they do not exactly help to sort through any of the college issues like looking for references or completing an assignment on a deadline. Thus, for that some apps are required and listed below are 10 such apps which help all college students get through this tough and rigorous time.
10 best apps for college students android

  1. Cam scanner

This amazing little app constitutes the best apps for college students android that have ever been created. This productive application allows you to scan any sort of document through the help of your camera which you can save for later use. You can even use the saved copy to fax it to someone else. So, you can forget about searching for the copying machine in dire times just to Xerox some lecture notes or even some form and instead use this to get your problems sorted.

  1. Evernote

This is one of the important apps that should be downloaded by most students. It allows you to make and create notes and even organize them into notebooks for easy reference. Moreover, you can even go ahead and create some group projects on this app with the features that it provides. You can record the lectures and then embed them via this application and even transfer them to your computer or laptop as it is compatible with mostly all devices.

  1. Google Drive

Goole drive is mainly known for the storage capacity it offers so that you can store anything and everything on it and even back up the data on your phone. It is one of the best apps for college students android that everyone should have. Moreover, it allows you to collaborate on different things like presentation, creating documents, etc. in real time and also supports Google docs, slides and sheets so that you can easily operate over the web.

  1. Lecture notes

This is an app for the students who love taking down everything that is stated in a class by the lecturers. It is designed mainly for the students with a phone or a tablet accompanied with a stylus that helps you to take down notes. It is supposed to be the best handwriting reading app that is available in the android market right now and specifically designed for the university students.

  1. Microsoft office

We all have problems with assignments when in college and always rushing to finish it off at the last go. With Microsoft OneDrive, this has become simpler. It is accompanied by office applications like Microsoft word and excel, which helps you to complete your assignments on the go and submit it on time. Moreover, you can sync it easily with your computer and laptop to keep your assignments updated, as and when you work on it.  It is thus indeed one of the best apps for college students android that is present in the market.

  1. RefMe

One of the most tiring aspects of college life is doing some research on a paper. Reference can be pretty gruesome especially when you have a whole lot to read and also have to mention the writers you have reading and keep referring to. Sometimes it becomes really difficult to keep a track of all the writers you have read and to create a bibliography accordingly. For such situations, the RefMe app has been created. You can simply cite those books or journals or the works of the authors by adding the barcode or the title or by scanning a page.

  1. Todoist

It is simply the best apps for college students android as it helps you to stay organized. We all know how hectic college life can be with so many social events, cultural fest, study sessions and quizzes. It helps the students stay on top of everything by arranging their day to day life into simple categories with the help of this app. You can check daily what you need to get done for that particular day and proceed accordingly. This is the best app to help you stay on track with your assignments and complete them on time.

  1. Udemy

In college you will always require extra help and for that Udemy is there to help you out. There are certain topics and certain classes which however much you try, you cannot make head or tail out of it. For those particular cases, you can ask for a bit of outside help from Udemy. It hosts a number of classes which allows you to understand certain concepts for free or at a cheaper rate.

  1. Wolfram Alpha

It is a wonderful app that provides solutions to all your questions and helps you solve math problems also. It not only helps you solve it but also shows you how to in a full detailed manner. Moreover, it is aid to be more powerful than Google as a search engine, because it possesses the capacity to answer all your questions to sustain your academic knowledge. No matter what the subject is, it will help you combat your issues and is absolutely worth all the money.

  1. Voice recorder app

This is an app designed for those students who aren’t so good at taking down notes. You cane easily record the entire lecture and return back to it for reference later.
Apart from the above stated few best apps for college students android, there are also several others like RealCalc Plus, Panic Button, and so on that helps the students cope with the pressure of the college life. While most of them are free, there are a few which needs to be bought from the market and are absolutely worth it. So go ahead and get them now and get through it all smoothly!