Do you know that there are many animals along with your pet can be color blind? You will come across with pets and animals that come up with specific vision and turn out to be superior on their own. The visual perception of any living creatures would entirely depend on their eyes process light. Humans are known to be trichromats that mean that the eyes have three different types of photoreceptors which are classified as cone cells and rods.

The cone cells are known to be highly sensitive to different colors such as blue, red and green. Rods cells can also detect small amount of light which can ensure you to see in dark.

Elementary vision of different species

1. Caenorhabdities elegans which is a tiny worm comes up with simplest type of eye and can detect light with the cells available in their body and this helps to squirm away from flashes.

2. The nautilus comes up with a complex pit and there is no lens found.

3. Flatworms have eyespots which are light sensitive and have cells in two different areas that come with bilateral symmetry.

4. Goldfish has the ability to detect wider spectrum compared to humans from infrared to ultra violet.

Vision of snakes and insects

Snakes come up with two sets of eyes. One is the normal eyes through which they see and detect colors well. They also have the vision pits which allow detecting heat and can see the other living creatures through an infrared detector.

Due to the segmented eye structure, there are many insects that have the ability to see objects in a different way compared to human perspective. Insects usually have dot-like eyes which are known to be ommatidia. There are around 30,000 lenses per eyeball. Dragonfly has interesting eyesight as the brain works rapidly, it can easily perceive most of the movement in slow motion. The vision ultimately helps in detecting movement. How do I piss off a CA (chartered accountant) student? It is quite a funny and interesting way through which you can irritate CA student.

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