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Does Sneezing Kill Brain Cells?

by Sep 29, 2015Homework Help

Are you really worried about whether sneezing kills your brain cell or not? Sneezing is known to be a protective reflex that can make use of nerve endings within nasal passage and can relay the signal to brain saying that there is an obstruction or debris. Brain has the ability to send reflex signals to different parts of your body which can finally facilitate sneezing.

Sneezing can affect brain cells

It is a complete myth and there is no harm done to your brain cell when you sneeze. According to Dr. Richard Koller, a neurologist says that it is not true and there is no prove of such consequences. Though sneezing can increase pressure inside the skill, but people who think that brain cells are being affected every time you sneeze is completely into a myth.

There are also other things that can increase the pressure on brain, such as stroke which can lead to the death of brain cells. What were the elementary forms of vision like? It is an interesting topic that can attract your attention.

Koller conveys that the increase in pressure due to sneezing is for short duration and so there is no effect done to the brain cell. Though sneezing can cause other problems such as headaches which are quite common among human and this takes place due to the rise in pressure inside the skull.

The heart stops during sneeze

Dr. David Rutlen says that there is a possibility that the heart beat might stop when you sneeze. Dr. Rutlen also explains that the pressure developed in chest can cause vagal reaction. There is a connection to vagus nerve which is found in our nervous system and it helps to control heart. This can stop the heart for few seconds, but there is nothing to worry.

It is a belief that sneezing can kill brain cells. Though it is not possible to identify the origin of this myth, but most people believe that the pressure developed in the skull is strong enough to kill brain cells.