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How Do I Piss Off a CA (Chartered Accountant) Student?

by Sep 29, 2015Accounting

If you are a chartered accountant student, then it is necessary to complete your course properly as this will give you opportunity to have a bright career ahead. Through the training process of chartered accountant it helps to open door for different and exciting career opportunities. In business as well as finance sectors there is the possibility of having career growth.

The training process is known to be a journey through which you can become the member of fastest growing accounting body. The training would combine education as well as help in gathering work experience. Know about in statistics, what is a type 1 and type 2 errors? Apart from learning accountancy you should also know statistics. This will give you chance to evolve as accountant who has the ability to interpret and analyze problems and come up with dynamic solutions.

Steps to piss off CA students

You can ask three questions through which you can annoy the chartered accountant students:

1. Ask him about the name of college/university from where he is doing the C.A. He will take the initiative of making you understand that it is not university rather a professional institute. With this question you can surely start annoying the person.

2. Ask him about the semester. Chartered accounting does not include any semester rather it is a 3 stage process. So, if you ask such weird question, the student will definitely get pissed off and will answer that it contains 3 stages: CPT, IPCC and FINAL. You will also gain information related to article ship.

3. Ask him about how many attempts he has done so far. Chartered accounting being a tough subject would involve huge understanding and knowledge. It is tough for students to clear the stages at one go. Therefore, you will soon realize that the person is pissed off with such network.

You can also ask about the results which can annoy the students. Even he may lose his moral values and can get irritated on you.