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What Students Should Know About Purposes of Home Assignments?

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

School or college lifeismostly verydelightful to all students, is it not? They find their friends and fellow classmates when they go for their classes.They learn and play together with those friends and enjoylife! However, most commonly one thing about these institutes is hated a lot by its students is home assignment or more popularly known as homework.If you are a student then you will surely agree that most students including yourself are so very hateful towards this idea of home assignments. It is a very controversial question that whether this concept of homework should be at all kept within the educational norms or should it be removed for good?
Since any decision or conclusion of this controversy is not yet made, the idea of homework is still prevalent in our educational society all over the globe. Home assignments often turn out to be very painful forsome students and a headache for the others. But mostly, such situations arise only when a student is ignorant about the true purpose hidden inside these assignments. They believe that teachers deliberately pressurize their students for no reason. Do you too believe so? Then let me tell you that this ideaof yours is not true. Homework is not a tool for torture like many students have silently accepted it to be; it is a process to educate you in a true sense. If you wish to find your home assignments interesting and get the urge to do them sincerely, then you must first be accustomed with the real purposes for which homework had been designed. Here is some of the major purposes ofdoing homework which every student should know.
To show what to do
If a student is just taught about some ideas and concepts, their learning can never be fulfilled. That student will not know what is the use of those concepts or what should they do after learning that.Our homework gives us a glimpse of the applicability of our learning and how to use our ideas in proper situations. In brief, it shows us what our job is after learning something.
To revealreasons behind learning
Once we understand what to do after learning, it helps us to view reasons behind our learning.

  • It shows us, why we are taught something or why we should be learning that thing at all?
  • Homework consists of many questions and problems which are mostly based on real life situations, especially in science subjects like maths, physics, chemistry, etc.
  • Solving those problems helps us to see how our learning can assist in solving real life problems.
  • This hikes up a student’sinterest in solving their home assignments

To help in practicing
There is no doubt that home assignments if done sincerely and regularly, help to get in a habit of solving and practicing

  • To do your homework it is essential to learn the chapters well, otherwise you will face a lot of doubts and troubles while doing it.
  • So the necessity of learning is boosted up and students grow a habit of learning their lessons properly for the sake of doing their home assignments effectively.
  • Home assignments also help a student to get accustomed with the practice of solving.
  • Doing your homework regularly and sincerely means going through a rigorous practice involving problem solving, writing and answer framing.

Thus a proper and complete learning is structured by the system of providing home assignments by teachers.
To teach time management
Time management is an important factor not just in your academic life, but also in your family life and elsewhere. There are several things that your parents expect you to know about time management and so does your institute. Our homework is quite helpful in this regards.

  • Home assignments are usually provided along with deadlines for submission.
  • This limits the time period for solving and a student cannot just do their homework at their own sweet will.
  • So, to do their homework in time and submit it, a student has to work hard and swift.
  • They must find out ways to manage doing their home assignment within the limited time.
  • Thus they themselves find out ways of efficient time management and this comes in handy in later academic life as well as elsewhere.

To prepare for academic exams
Homework generally consists of questions and problems whichare usually setfor tests and examinations.Hence home assignments create a ground for our preparation for exams or class tests.

  • We can get an idea about the style or pattern of questions to be expected in the exam from a chapter.
  • Ways of answering questions are taught by homework.
  • If your answer is wrong or inappropriate, you still get a chance to learn and correct yourself, rather than being penalized as in exams.
  • Thus, homework is a perfect preparatory ground for examinations, in terms of both answer framing and practice.

To show individuality
Home assignments help a student to have a self-realization which is very important for success in lifeof every person.

  • It helps you to realize who you truly are and what your personality is.
  • It reveals to a student how eager they are about their studies and how motivated they are.
  • It shows them their mistakes and errors. It brings forward their lags and drawbacks, also providing straightforward and clear ways to overcome them.
  • It brings out the passion from a student, showing them which subjects of their syllabus, they are more passionate about and which one of them arise quite interests in them.
  • This helps a student to take the decision of which stream they should choose for their future academic career, so that they can shine well and gather prosperity in life.

To prepare for life
Life is quite tough!If you cannot prove yourself to be worthy enough, you will be thrown away from the picture by people more efficient than you. But what is the role of homework here?

  • If you pursue a career in an academic stream, then your worth will be proved from your true learning, ideas, concepts and application skills.
  • These qualities are slowly developed in a person during their student life where homework plays a vital role.
  • As you now know, homework helps you to strengthen your learning and make your concepts bold.
  • It helps to increase your problem solving skills, including those for real life problems and thus face tough challenges in life.
  • Your application powers which is enhanced by your school and college homework, helps you to do something real in practical life.

Thus, doing homework sincerely in student life ensures that you do not get eliminated from the picture when you face bigger storms and challenges in future.
These are some of the fewvery useful purposes hidden behind the term ‘home assignment’. It is hence a tool to prepare a student for their academic career, so that they attain success in life. If every studentin this world knew and understood all these purposes well, then it is guaranteed that this traditional hatred towards homework would have beenmuch less or perhaps did not exist at all.