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Things That Your Parents Expect You to Know About Time Management

by Aug 28, 2016Assignment Help

“Man’s span of time is short at the longest.”  Time is fleeting away like a stream of water. There is a common proverb, ‘Time and tide wait for none’. It is therefore, the duty of every one to make the most of every minute and to fill up their short span of life with a large amount of work.Hence, value of time should be most important to everyone and it must be learnt since childhood.
Our parents are the first teachers in our life. We get our primary education from them. They give us the basic lesson of punctuality, discipline and the proper usage of time. Later on, our education, experience and career enhance them, especially time management. Our parents also want that we should make the best use of our time to come out successful in our life’s struggle.
Time management is a very important factor, not just in case of academic life, but also in other aspects of life.But how will your parents realize thatyou have enough knowledge of time management? There are some attitudes and skills that grow in a child if they manage time effectively.They act like evidences to their parents that their children know how to manage time. Let us talk about the journey of developing time management. Those skills are:
Prioritizing jobs
Sorting out your priorities is one of the most important parts of time management. When jobs are assigned to a student, they must have a fair idea about which one of them is moreimportant and which one is less. Accordingly, they have to choose which one of those jobs they would do first and which one they will leave for later. This chronology of work ensures less pressure of time while doing the significant works which usually requires more attention. So:

  • Every day identify your important tasks first.
  • Try to complete those jobs first so that you can relax.
  • Then you can go for less significant jobs for the day with a free mind.

Starting early
Wise people always make an early start of all of their works. It is an efficient way of completing jobs in time.

  • Remember, “We should never put of till tomorrow what we can do today.”
  • Get in the habit of starting the jobs in hand a bit beforetime.
  • No one will penalize you for doing your jobs early and finishing it before time, but they might do so incase you fail deadlines.
  • During the assignments we might have to face many problems which cannot be anticipated beforehand. We require excess time to solve those problems. Hence an early start helps to manage the entire job within a limited time.
  • Besides, you have no idea about what other works may fall upon you at that timewhen you are planning to start yourwork in hand.

Not spending time unnecessarily
It is essential for a studentto make sure that they won’t involve in any unimportant job before completing their assignment.  Unimportant details often drag you down so postpone unnecessary activity until the work is done. The usual problems for this regards are:

  • If you spend your valuable time for doing unimportant jobs then you will not get enough time to complete your studies and assignments
  • You cannot finish your job perfectly in time.
  • You will miss the deadline or you have to submit an assignment of low grade.

Being organized and professional
Try to be an organized person. A proper organizing and planning can save lot of your time.

  • Make your own strategies on proper usage of time so that you can utilize your time to a maximum.
  • Fixed your daily, weekly and monthly appointments, meetings, classes and assignments in chronological order, so that you have a fair idea about tasks that you have in hand and hence, you will always be prepared automatically for your job.
  • Try to review your class notes, lectures, study materials immediately after your class so that you can remember them well in your mind. This kind of workshop helps you to shorten the time duration of solving assignments.

Always avoid juggling with too many assignments altogether, as it will create a mess. So commit only for those jobs which are possible for you and try to keep your commitments like a professional. A professional is always aware of right use of time.
Assigning studytime
It is essential for any student to fix their time of studies wisely, if they wish to finish them in time. Here are some ways to efficiently fix study time.

  • Decide a fixed schedule for doing your studiesevery day.
  • It is often witnessed that some students feel easier to study in morning hours and some during late night.Fix your study time according to thoserequirements.
  • It is essential that during this study time there should not be any unwanted distractions.
  • You may often findthat it is hard to study trickyand tough subjects for long hours. In that case,you may divide your study time into slots including breaks and other studies. But do remember to finish all of the studies that you planned.

This assignment of study time and studying accordingly can be really helpful in achieving success in your studies.
Not wasting leisure time
Wise usage of leisure time is an important part of time management.It is useless if your leisure time is wasted away just by sitting idle, doing nothing at all.

  • Leisure time should be allotted for recreation and entertainment.
  • There are ample ways of recreation like TV, computer, video games, outdoor games, etc.So fixed your leisure time in such a way that you can enjoy as per your choice to the maximum.
  • Remember that proper utilization of your leisure time refresh you and enhance your energy level for doing more tasks.

Adjust your time
The word ‘adjustment’ has a great significance in human life. The person who can adjust justifiably can exist for long. Time adjustment is one of the most important things for success. Different jobs required different span of time.  So you have to fixed your time schedule accordingly .To complete your assignment perfectly you might be have to shorten your leisure time, or else you have to change your free time. This kind of time adjustment leads you to sure success and helps you to learn how to juggle various assignments through adjustment of time. Hence, it is most important for time management.
This is my unrest request to all the students, try to learn these golden rules of time management as soon as possible and be a smart worker. They also make it easier to find your work pleasurable. Therefore, they will help to learn what students should know about purposes of home assignments. So my dear students get ready to learn about the time management and fulfill your parent’s expectations.