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What is the Future Benefit after Education?

by Nov 22, 2015Assignment Help

Since the very first day when he/she is first born, parents and family start thinking about where they are going to educate their baby. Will he/she become a lawyer? Are studying abroad a good decision?

Well, these questions pop into the minds of guardians as observed for quite a long time. Since the starting day of a baby’s life, he or she is thought about proper education. Some basic levels of education are essential for survival in the society.

Take a look at the analysis below how education benefits life of an individual step wise.

1. The very first level is the nursery schools.

It is here where the kids first learn to adapt themselves to the environment where they will be away from homes at certain time of the day and be other mates of their age. It is at these schools where they earn their initial nursery rhymes, play with other kids and also learn about numbers for the first time.

The first introduction to alphabets, first numbers and some shapes and drawings with some social activities where they are taught about responding to some greetings etc.

so, this level involves the basic root where kids are taught their first lessons.

2. The primary schooling level comes next.

Well, primary schooling is where the children start to learn their first full lessons and gets introduced to subjects. With their slow growth, children also develop their skills. First introduction to languages prose and poetry pieces, grammar rules, first introduction to social sciences and general science and mathematics. With every passing phase, they are given more responsibility and work which will be helping for their all-round development.

3. High school training.

Secondary schooling and high schools is where the students are given the maximum lessons. It is in this phase where they learn the variety of subjects and with every advancing class; a deeper and clearer knowledge is made available to them. Concepts of regular assessments in order to evaluate the learning process.

All this makes kids who have become proper students a way to learn about various things. They also have scopes to engage themselves to variety of other activities. Some develop their passions from here and go on with that. So it gives a fair chance to choose your way. Since you are given options where you will choose the best option for you, students get an idea about how to shape their career or what they wantto do with their life.

3. College or universities and higher studies.

Now depending on the career choice you have made, the future of education depends on that. Higher studies in college or universities or other degree courses of PhD and other programs fall here. Everything goes according to your choice of decision in life.

But just because that we are getting education does not mean that we have become literate. Though in real terms, only the ability to read and write and identification of numbers gives you the term of LITERATE. But in a wider sense, literacy or education is a lifelong process. What you learn from the books or ways, also how fortunate you are to get education is what that should make you think. It is a job of those fortunate to give back something to the society. Since they were so lucky to have so much they should do their roles for others.

Nowadays learning has become a very convenient process. Well, it all happened due to the advancement of technology largely. Now we are so dependent on technology that even a day without it seems impossible.

Technology is deeply involved in whatever we do. With the starting sound of alarm of alarm clock in the morning to coffee from the coffee maker, from washing of clothes to entertaining ourselves through technology; all is dependent.

Then later in the 1970s came the computers where life became easier. It could do so much. And now practically it can do everything that we do stick all our duties to it. Learning process grew too with the advancement of technology. Now there is the worldwide network where everything is available in just one click. Any information, details or even locations and addresses are there. For the convenience of students, there have developed companies like us where they have dedicated individuals who as a team help students to deal with problems. Starting from answering to queries at any time of the day, doing whole projects or presentations or assignments according to the details and within time is now has relieved them a lot.

For example, if you are students of a PhD program then you have a whole lot of jobs that you have to do. A lot of assignments, projects and a final dissertation are expected from you. Now, there is so much to do in so less time. So you can take help from companies who will take care of your work and do them with sincerity and you can utilize the time for your upcoming exam properly.

A word of advice

To sum up, education has different meanings to different people. It depends on the way people take it and utilize it. This continues for your whole life as education has no end and there is no end to learning. Proper practice and good planning gives us opportunity to do well and make something of us. Education teaches us the value of time and the art of learning. It is us who can make the most out of it.

Now when practice is talked about, then the subject that requires maximum practice is mathematics. Well or any other subject that deals with numbers. Though one might wonder “what are the tips and tricks to do easy mathematics?” but the obvious answer as was for centuries and always will be are the combination of 8 golden letters P-R-A-C-T-I-C-E.

If you are getting education easy, then remember that you are one of the most fortunate people as there are others who only dream about it.