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What are the Tips and Tricks to Do Easy Mathematics?

by Nov 22, 2015Mathematics

A lot of students are observed to face troubles with mathematics. Now, mathematics is such a subject that those who once get the essence of the subject fall in love with it. It appears to them as if they are witnessing magic due to the innumerable variety of logics and fun facts exist. But to those who are afraid from like always, somehow always seem to deal with it in a different manner.

The key to a good stable condition in Mathematics is undoubtedly Practice. More one practices their chapters, better they seem to get in them.

But here are some amazing tricks and tips which will come handy when you deal with numbers.

Some Multiplication Rules:

1. Multiplication by 5-multiply the number by 10 and divide the answer by 2. (Answers of 5 tables go like 5,0,5,0….).

2. Multiplication by 6-multiply by 3 and then by 2. (this may help sometimes).

3. Multiplication by 9-Multiply the number by 10 and simply deduct the original number from the answer. (simplest).

4. Multiplication by 12-multiply by 10 and add double of the original number.

5. Multiplication by 13-Multiply by 3 and add 10 times the original number.

6. Multiplication by 14-multiply by 7 and then multiply by 2.

7. Multiplication by 19-multiply simply by 20 and subtract the original number.

8. When we are multiplying two numbers ho end with 0s. Simply multiply the non-zero numbers and put 0s that are in total in both the numbers.

For example, 300 x 200.

It is simply 3×2 which is 6 and four 0s that follow combining two 0s from 300 and the other two from 200.

So, 6 0000 is the answer.

9. If you are to check that whether the answer to anything multiplied by 9 is correct or not, simply add the digits of the answer. The addition of the digits when a number is multiplied by 9 is always 9 or multiples of 9.

For example, 12 x 9
This equals to 108 and 1 + 0 + 8 = 9
Again, 250 x 9 = 2250
2 + 2 + 5 + 0 = 9

10. To subtract any number from 1000, or 10000, or 100000 and so on the trick to this is subtract all the numbers from 9 and the last one only by 10.
For example, 1000 – 754
10 – 4= 6
9 – 5 = 4
9 –7 = 2
Answer to this is 246

11. Again, 10000 – 8687
9 – 8 = 1
9 – 6 = 3
9 – 8 = 1
10 – 7 = 3
Answer to this is 1313

Did you see the trick?

12. The 11 numbered magic.
Well, when you have to multiply a number by 10 we know that simply we add a zero at the end. There is a very amazing trick for multiplication with 11 too.
For example, for multiplying 52 with 11.
5 _ 2
Simply add the two digits and insert them in the middle. But note that this applies to only 2 digit number.
So answer to this is 572.

But the best way to score a good grade in mathematics is Practice. There is just no substitute for this act as this is the best way to score; perhaps this is the actual best trick.

You will observe that more one practices, the easier it becomes to solve. And you will not even forget methods in order to solve them.

Here is a set of rules that may help you to properly plan your schedule.

1. Make a proper plan. A well-organized and proper plan that is made keeping in mind the requirements and deadlines is extremely important. What happens is that, when you make a schedule keeping all your priorities it becomes easier to meet project submissions, presentations and exams properly.

2. Stick to the schedule. Not only just make the plan but give the maximum effort to stick to schedule. If once you give encouragement to push the deadlines, somehow it continues to be like that. So, make sure that you make no delay and always go according to your routine.

3. Sit together for practice in a group. Well, this is perhaps the best way to study mathematics. Because when you sit with friends to solve problems, your mistakes get identified easily and you can handle your mistakes with ease. As it is always seen and proven that peer group is the best source of learning. When you learn from your friends, it seems that you learn the most.

4. Make time out for yourself. This means that give time to rejuvenate your minds. If you continue studying for long hours, give small treats to yourself so that you stay motivated. Like read for about half hour and then treat yourself with Gummy Bears.

Also, keep time to hang out with friends and have fun as well as meet relatives. In this balanced way of studying you are sure to be success full.

So, as you can see that the best way to study is being properly planned where there is time for everything.

It is this education phase of life where we give effort to build our career and make something for ourselves. If we have a strong base where we have given a lot of effort in building it, we can make a lot for our future life. It is this phase of hard work that pays off for the latter half.

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Great! Isn’t it?