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How to Choose a Bio-subject Among Complete Biological Field?

by Nov 22, 2015Biology

Biology is known as the science of life. It is the role of Biologists to study the origin, functions, structure, growth and evolution of all animals. They also conduct researches to determine the distribution of these living organisms. Biology is a vast subject, in fact they term branch describes it better. There are 9 broadly classified fields of Biology and students who remain interested in studying Biology even during college can choose the one which suits them.

1. Biochemistry.
2. Botany.
3. Cellular Biology.
4. Ecology.
5. Evolutionary Biology.
6. Genetics.
7. Molecular Biology.
8. Physiology.
9. Zoology.

All the aforementioned fields overlap in certain areas as the basics for all these subjects are same. Studying zoology cannot be accomplished without studying physiology, ecology and evolution. Thus, there are some basics which a student interested in studying Biology should always remember. They are:

Celle theory:

Cell theory is based on three fundamental facts. Cell is the basic unit of life, all cells are created from existing cells and all living beings are composed of cells.


Living organisms require energy to survive and energy flows between two or more organisms and their environment.


DNA is the most basic information that governs many traits and characteristics in all living beings.


There should be equilibrium between an organism and its environment.


Evolution unifies various concepts of Biology as it is the engine which leads to biological diversity.

Now you have decided you want to pursue further education focusing on Biology as your main branch you need to choose which field you find intriguing or which stream offers better prospects for your future. However, if you still are hesitant to choose biology as your main stream you should try conducting research on what are the advantages in studying Biology. Listed below are interesting aspects about each subject that will help you in making an informed decision.

Why study Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is a bridge subject that deals with aspects of both Biology and Chemistry. This subject has now become very important since it is essential for all biological processes. It is also practiced in all major fields concerned with Biology. You will be able to understand the functions and structures of bimolecular, and how their interactions and energy can be regulated. The mechanisms behind the operations, survival and death of living organisms and how these factors and energies vary from one organism to another.

Why study Botany?

Botany is the field of Biology which is only concerned with the study of plants in a scientific manner. The functioning of plants, their appearance, relation between different species, ideal location for their natural growth, their evolution and their applications are all dealt with in Botany. Fungi, algae and bacteria might also be studied as a part of Botany as it covers plant from the giant redwood trees to tiny floating duckweeds. Plants are necessary for life to continue on this Earth, thus gaining detailed knowledge on their operations might be very useful.

Why study Cellular Biology?

Cellular Biology allows humans to gain knowledge on how molecular functions at the cellular and sub-cellular level are essential for the development as well as evolution of organisms. This also lets you gain an insight to how cells respond to their environment and how they appear in their healthy and diseased states. Celle biologists are now able to detect, treat and prevent diseases from affecting both plant and animal systems. The processes associated with ageing have also been explored along with techniques are being devised so that the quantity as well as quality of important food crops can be enhanced.

Why study Ecology?

Ecology is the science that is concerned with study the mutual relation between living and non-living organisms and the environmental ecosystem and resources shared to survive. Ecologists study how the past, present and future interactions with the environment affect the life of organisms and how they might adapt with the change of die due to the external conditions.

Why study Evolutionary Biology?

Evolutionary Biology is a subject concerned with studying and utilizing the history of life on this planet. You will be able to encompass knowledge of genetics, and comprehend psychology and behavior of animals. Evolution has affected all organisms be it the smallest organism that can only be viewed through microscope to the biggest animal or plant on land or in water. Entire ecosystems are affected and you will be able to study how they have adapted to the changes.

Why study Genetics?

Genetics deals with study of DNA and how this hereditary information affects a trait or characteristic of organism and how it operates. In the past, mutants were utilized so that biological functions could be disrupted and their functions could be understood and studied. Genomic analysis and availability of sequential information are carried out at the molecular level of genetics. Gene replacement has evolved and the manners in which gene expression patterns have been analyzed provide tools to gain a better perspective of genes, its mutations and its effects.

Why study Physiology?

Physiology is the field concerned with study of animal functions and can be examined at the cellular level and also at the level of organ systems and tissues and the entire body. The basic fundamental mechanisms occurring in a living organism can be explained by studying this subject. It helps in understanding the central nervous system and how aspects like behavior and learning are controlled.

Why study Zoology?

Developing a degree in Zoology is very beneficial to your career and also has some additional benefits. You will surely never be bored of the subject as you have a wide array of creatures to study. It will never become dull or regular as you can go from studying about one organism to a related organism. You also need not stay cooped up in a lab conducting experiments or research, as you will be allowed to study through field work.

Since, Biology is such a vast subject there are Homework help websites dedicated to assisting students studying Biology. Vast sections of numerous also provide tons of books careering to all fields discussed above. So, take your pick and start studying Biology.