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What Are The Advantages In Studying Biology?

by Nov 22, 2015Biology

Advantages In Studying Biology

Biology is the science that deals with study of life. It is the role of Biologists to study the growth, function, origin,evolution and structure along with distribution of living organisms.

Since, Biology is a vast subject it needs to be divided into several branches to make its study easier. Choosing a field can be a difficult task however, if you want to consider all the options available to you and make an informed decision, you should go through how to choose a Bio-subject among complete Biological field? Botany and Zoology are the most common fields and they have were the first two branches to be formed under Biology.

Later, as the complexities of this subject were unearthed it was further divided to make studying easier. Now, you have fields like Evolutionary Biology, Cellular Biology, Molecular Biology and Genetics.

These fields cannot be studied independently as the basics and theories are common for all. They are part of the same umbrella topic hence; their studies cannot be completely separated. If you want to obtain a degree with a Biology sub-field as the major, you will be required to understand more than one sub-field. Each sub-field has its role and importance, however in general the most important benefit of studying this vast subject is gaining knowledge about the living organisms on Earth.

Knowledge about the earth

As you read the history of Biology, you will come to know that as evolution has been taking place this earth has become much more habitable for humans as well as other animals and other living organisms. Understanding evolution helps humans in understanding the strength of an organism and how the climatic conditions of the Earth have lead to these changes.

The study of Biology is very significant to humans as it plays a very important role in improving their quality of life. Day-to-day requirements of humans are dependent on plants and animals. We rely on them either directly or indirectly as they each contribute something through their life on earth.

Its effect on health

Morphology, anatomy and physiology of humans are generally similar to those other vertebrates.Humans have evolved from apes and even though they have enhanced intelligence their body structure is based on the same principle as other animals.In order to enhance the quality of life humans often need to create several compounds which help them in removing other damage causing elements from our body.

All these chemicals and their effects cannot be studied on the human body. Extensive research of human physiology might also be considered tough as conducting research in humans is not possible without keeping them in quarantined zone, to prevent them from being affected by other factors.

Thus, studying organisms similar to humans in physiology and anatomy allows professionals of medical science to understand what impact any situation or chemical or gene modification can have on humans. These animals are easy to control and study, especially since they are bred for this reason.

The nutritional value of various foods along with effects of various forms of exercise and routines can be observed through these beings. A healthy diet can be planned for humans, with the help of such researches.

Biology and diseases

There are numerous diseases caused by microbes. While some of these diseases are not very dangerous, some others might result in epidemics that kill and harm millions of individuals.Domesticated animals and pets are also often infected by disease and pests. Getting rid of these microbes and pests is possible only through study of their internal and external structure and how they can be killed or removed from the human, animal or plant body it is infecting without affecting its host.

The purpose of medicines is to make an individual healthy by removing harmful bacteria, fungi or virus from his/her body. This can only be done by proper medicines that have been developed after thorough research. Along with medicines, fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides for healthy growth of crops have been developed this way.Observing chemicals reactions with the enzymes present in the body it is necessary to understand what the outcome will be before actually administering them.

If you are a student of Biology or are interested taking up this subject for further studies, you have numerous streams to choose from, with each of these streams growing steadily each day.Medicine is one of the highly coveted industries when it comes to jobs since;there is an extensive scope for research and study. These jobs allow one to benefit by increasing his/her knowledge and also improving other human beings lives.

Surgery is one of the most complicated forms of treatment. It has taken professionals numerous years to understand how to operate. They also need to understand role played by each organ in proper functioning of the body.Due to study and recent advancements it is now possible to remove or replace an affected organ or repair it without any damage to the other organs.


Plants play an important role in keeping the Earth healthy, thus through extensive study of biology humans have devised ways to enhance the health of plants along with researching techniques that reduce pollution and create material which are not derived only from plant based raw matter.Extensive research has helped in creating alternatives for all plant based materials. Techniques to increase the rate at which these plants grow or to develop their quantity have also been studied under Biology.

If you have been interested in studying Biology for a long time, you should choose to pursue a career in this field. As there is a lot of scope for progress, this subject becomes more and more interesting. However, the advanced levels might often be complicated so studying from only course books might not provide complete and comprehensive knowledge of the subject. Additionally homework help websites like us have also been created to help students in completing assignments and obtain easy comprehensive notes.Register with us and start preparing today for a wonderful career that makes your future bright.