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5 Key Rules to Abide by During Examination Time

by Nov 22, 2015Assignment Help

Exam time is the scariest time of a student’s life. Exams are like ghost that haunts every student. It is an important part of an education system and also the source of strain for many students. This is the times when students are more stressed and nervous that lead them to forget everything they learned in the examination hall. Due to stress student find themselves in a very messy situation as they cannot remember what they have learned.

For scoring good marks in exams it is really important that student’s should get over with this anxiety and avoid the pressure that leads them to nervous breakdown in exams. It is important that they must understand how they should deal with this stress broadly. At the same time it is important for them to know significance of presence and hard work.

1. Attend your classes regularly:

In case you really want to succeed in your exams and want to stay away from stress during examinations, then you should attend your classes regularly. Attend you classes honestly without fail. If you attend your classes sincerely and dedication, it will help you in lowering your stress level during exams and it will also help you in understanding your subject properly. It will make you enjoy your studies without and remove the feeling of being pressured. Attending class will also help you in figuring out what are the important points and question you need to prepare to score more in your exams.

2. Make notes:

Only attending classes is not enough, you also need to note down what your instructor is trying to tell you. You should try to note down the important parts of the lecture. You can also note down the incidents that your instructor is highlighting as an example or explanation. It will help you in understanding the whole concept. You can also make diagrams and figures to make it clearer. It will help you in memorizing it easily in case if you forget anything. You can also use modern techniques to get your notes. You can use online help from us for getting more precise and properly arranged notes.

3. Proper Planning:

Proper planning is considered as a key factor that leads to success in any area. While preparing for your exams or studying you also need to plan all your activities properly. You need to plan out how much time you need for revising a subject as well as how you can use this time in better ways. Making a timetable will be a great idea. It will help you in utilizing your time in a better way that will help you in reducing your stress level during exams.

The best way suggested by experts is to take tough tasks as a challenge and break them into small portions for easy and better management. It is also one among the 5 secrets to have a good grip in chemistry. You can make a timetable that includes different time for theory and chemical equations. It will take less time and help you in preparing easily. At the same time you will get enough time for other subjects those you find more difficult than other. It is important that you update your time plan according to your requirement instead of following same even if you need to focus on other important things.

4. Take breaks and stay refreshed:

Keeping your mind in ease is very important for avoiding exam stress. Breaks are also a crucial part of your exam preparations. As per the psychological reports, a person is able to concentrate only for 45minutes on a thing properly. According to various reports it is revealed that when a person tries to concentrate on anything for a longer period the efficiency of its brain reduces and it cannot deal with that thing effectively. It is really crucial to take break while studying for staying refreshed.

Instead of forcing yourself more on revising and stressing out, you should take break and involve yourself in doing something different for avoiding unnecessary stress and any mental breakdown. You can play and game or go for a walk in between to feel refreshed.

4. Stay healthy, eat healthy:

Health is very important aspect for a human being to get success in any area. There are students who skip or avoid their meals while studying. It is totally wrong. Your body need strength and as well as you need food to keep your body and mind in perfect state to fight with the examination stress. You must follow a proper diet plan that can keep you fit and health also alert during examinations. You can search online for proper diet plan for exam time.

Along with food you also need to be hydrated. Drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated during exams. Student does usually skip their sleeps or loss their sleep during exams that is not good for them. You need enough sleep to be fresher and energetic during examination. You must take at least four hours sleep during night to avoid exam stress any mental break down during examination.

5. Final and crucial Notes:

While preparing for your test it important that you must understand what the perfect way to start your preparation is. For that you need to figure out a few things and need to follow some important rules. Have a look to what you need to figure out and what rules you need to follow –

1. Figure out what are your expectations and what is expected from you.
2. Try to study in real test situation.
3. Always take notes.
4. Sensibly manage your time.
5. Figure out where you can study best.
6. Take breaks frequently.
7. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.
8. No matter how small is your achievements always reward yourself.
9. Be healthy eat healthy.
11. Do exercise on regular basis for maintain mental and physical healthy.
12. Figure out whether you are facing any problem while learning, or having any learning disability.
13. Try to get sufficient sleep.