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Choosing a Career in Psychology

by Nov 22, 2015Assignment Help

For many people, the term “psychologist” immediately brings to mind the image of a woman or man sitting in an air-conditioned office, hearing out problems and writing down names of medicines and lifestyle modification measures on a prescription. While there are many psychologists who actually do this type of thing, the field of psychology is quite diverse. If you are planning to become a psychologist yourself, it is important to consider quite a few things.

Know about Various Types of Psychologists

First of all, you need to know about the commonest types of psychologists and what their specialty areas and associated tasks actually involve. The traditional image associated with psychology actually involves that of clinical psychologists, who need to diagnose and treat the mental problems and psychological disorders faced by individuals. They develop various treatment plans and also perform psychotherapy in order to better the condition of their patients. But there are other specialty areas involved as well, such as aviation, biopsychology, cognitive, developmental, engineering, educational, forensic, health, military or social psychology where you can go off the beaten track.

Although they are tied together by the common thread of analyzing behavior and actions, these specialty areas involve different areas and you can easily find an area that suits your preferences and skills. Based on your analysis and solutions, special prevention and problem-solving programs will be developed. The study of psychology not only deals with analysis of human behavior. Specialties like Comparative Psychology also involve the analysis of animal behavior.

Take Some Career Quizzes

1. These are not like the quizzes that you participated in during junior or high school level. Taking part in quizzes about psychology can help in getting requisite career guidance. Although you may view some of these as too basic, these can be actually a great way to learn about the kind of things that can make your career.

2. You can find many quizzes online, some of which can be quite silly. But there are also serious quizzes which can help in learning a lot about many career options which can be appropriate for you. Based on your interests, aptitude and ability, you will be recommended several career options to choose from.

Consider the academic requirements

1. When you have got a list of possible career choices, it is important to do some research about the academic needs associated to the same options. You might need to have a bachelor’s degree in psychology in some entry-level jobs while a graduate degree is the requirement in some jobs of an advanced level. It is a good idea to know about the requirements first, and then assess personal talents, interests and needs to find out whether they are aligned with the qualifications that you are supposed to have.

2. Lots of graduate-level degrees need you to complete an internship program successfully. A degree program in psychology cannot be completed without some amount of practical application. You may either volunteer in an organization that needs social workers or register your name as a research assistant. You may even register for some other supplementary internship. Irrespective of which program is chosen, it is essential to ensure that it is an accredited one.

3. Once you finish an internship, you need to appear for a state licensure test. After completing this test and passing it, you will find many career options in this domain waiting as a fully certified psychologist. Qualified candidates can also get many employment offers from job placement programs offered by lots of universities.

Think about the experience level

1. Without actual experience, you cannot shine in any field. Naturally, you need to go out and gather some amount of experience before you can become a certified psychologist in your domain. Most psychology programs need you to complete an internship program, but with some experience you can supplement it easily.

2. You can get the necessary level of experience under the watchful eyes of a certified professional psychologist. Once you pass your exams, you have to exhibit a valid psychological case-study to the board, which depends on the state that you are living in. Once this work is done, you will be able to work as a licensed psychologist.

Know about the salary potential

1. Although you should not only be considered about the earning potential, it should be one of your prime considerations while choosing a psychology specialty. Know about the earning potential of psychologists in specific areas before you arrive at a decision regarding your career choices.

2. For a psychologist, the annual salary may differ on the basis of varied factors which include your level of education, years of experience, company location, company size, type of specialty and more.

Update your knowledge

In order to a good psychologist, you need to study as much as possible. With psychology, the present trend is to mix varied branches so that you get a full knowledge of human behavior, actions and experience. You will also require a proper background on varied topics. The entire process begins very early, and your options following graduation will be determined by how you performed at school. Naturally, you need to study with a lot of sincerity and also take expert help. You can hire Psychology Homework Help services from aus without straining your budget.

Whether you choose to enter addiction counseling, relationship counseling or family therapy, you will find many choices. Each position of psychologist that is available for you needs you to have a varied skill set. You can choose to help everyday people get over their psychological problems, or choose a different path and tackle bigger social behavioral issues or even animal behavior. You have to continuously update your knowledge as per your specialty area, in order to be successful in your domain. Make sure that you prepare yourself well, and keep improving your knowledge and skills each and every day.

Choosing a career in psychology can be extremely fulfilling. Each and every day, you encounter a challenge and find joy in solving it properly. It is a good idea to choose your specialty area with care, so that you do not lose your motivation in a few years down the line.