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What are the Reasons Which Attract Students to Biology?

by Nov 2, 2015Biology

Students in high school tend to grow likeness towards a particular subject and dislikes towards other. This likeness is governed by so many factors. As a child grows he or she starts to inculcate opinions which lead to this choosy nature. Coming back to the main topic, students are showing more and more interest in Biology than other subjects.
Given below are few reasons which attract students to this subject.

1. Study a subject which is immensely interesting!

Biology is a mysterious and thrilling subject. Have you ever thought the way you breathe in and out involuntarily everyday or how your heart is ever loyal to you and is beating from the very moment of your existence? Our body is the world’s finest and smartest machine. It has sensors, alarms; auto cut systems and so many other features.

If you broaden the picture, even nature is a fantastic machine which is self sufficient also! Every living organism is just so interesting to watch and study its behavior, to know when and how they react to external stimuli. Biology is a broad field which encompasses many sectors. A student can study biology at school, then major in one specific topic and then go on to pursue research topics like molecular biology, genetics, animal behavior, developmental biology, biochemistry and so many more!

What more can a student want than quenching his or her thirst of knowing the unknown, seeing the unseen and telling the untold?

2. Excellent scores!

If students study properly throughout the year, practice drawings with proper labeling and learn pathways by proper flowcharts or illustration and apply all these techniques in examination, they are bound to score well. It is a wrong notion among many students that nothing is more scoring than mathematics. Being a biology student myself, I have seen my biology scores as excellent as Mathematics scores.

All one needs to know is proper ways to frame an answer and include every point, point wise.

3. Prepares students to major in any subject at college

It has been statistically proven that those students who have studied Biological sciences in their high school days, have gone through a rigorous study routine which makes them capable of mastering time, stick to a tough daily routine, and study systematically. This automatically makes them capable to choose any stream for majors such as medical, dental, veterinary and so on.

Do you feel this entire process very cumbersome? You can avail Biology Homework Help services for reducing pressure. Many medical students recommend popular homework help companies. During my days in medical college, many of my friends had taken their help to succeed in examinations and submit assignments before deadline.

4. Outstanding career prospects!

Biological sciences candidates are accepted most of the times in a medical or dental school. Infact they become highly sought after candidates. In many cases biology graduates receive direct admission top veterinary schools associated with top universities. One can also plan for a health career and the job market is strong. Many biology graduates move on to become nutritionists for helping people with food habits and others become biotechnologists to alter the genome! Biology graduates also have excellent opportunities to get employed in state and federal agencies in the environment and forestry department.

One can also study and pursue research to become a forensic researcher and help the police or detective agencies to solve some complicated cases!

5. Pursue further research

Not necessarily every student of Biological sciences shall look for a job to do. There are plentiful of students who will love to spend their lives in research and discover something amazing! They can participate in world class scientific research which is taking place in the top universities across the globe. Students can join laboratories which have facilities to research in genetics, cancer, regeneration, food safety and quality control, genetically engineering of viruses, developmental experiments and so on.

These projects are well funded and students enjoy a modest stipends and scholarships.

6. Customize your own curriculum

This is a recent up gradation in curriculum of many universities. This privilege bestowed upon current students. Each and every student is different and so does she or he has likes and dislike. A student has certain liking for a topic and dislikes for another. This was becoming an increasing trouble where students during their majors or at medical college had to study every subject as those were compulsory. This not only led to lower scores, but also to increasing frustration. Noticing this, authorities in different universities around the globe have decided to allow students to choose a part of their curriculum.

Be it genetics, neurobiology, developmental biology, cancer cell regeneration, inflammation, viruses, microbiology or biochemistry; you will get a say in customizing your premedical undergraduate curriculum.

7. Receive Expert Advice!

Studying biology shall open a whole new world in front of the students. They shall mix and mingle which doctors or other influential people and build a network of necessary contacts. All these people are well settled in respectable positions in their lives and they can offer students in their medical college expert academic advice!

Students will get to meet and talk to health professionals, counselors who will guide them in a correct path. A student can also get to know about, “Top 10 mind blowing discoveries in Physics!” which may increase their interest in physical sciences as well!

Stay aware, live healthy!

Yes, this is another huge reason of studying biology which we usually overlook.

A student of Biological science shall be well aware of our systems and what is going on inside and in nature. He or she will have an idea why should one sleep minimum of 8 hours a day not to disturb the circadian rhythm, drink around 3 liters of pure water and eat lots of vegetables. This might sound like common sense, but a biology student can give proper reasoning.

She can also organize small groups to spread awareness programmes in villages for proper sanitation, eating clean food, getting rid of mosquitoes and stagnant water, safe sex and to spread similar awareness messages.